Firefighter Rescues Puppy, Then Adopts Him


A South Carolina firefighter has rescued a puppy twice. First, North Charleston Fire Department Capt. Paul Bryant dug a poodle-shepherd mix puppy out from under a pile of rocks and concrete slabs on March 30 after cyclists heard the puppy’s cries. Now the 34-year firefighting veteran has adopted the puppy, taking him home from the … Read moreFirefighter Rescues Puppy, Then Adopts Him

Blue Macaw Parrot Known From The Movie ‘Rio’ Is Now Officially Extinct And Here’s Why!


A new study by BirdLife International said that in recent years several bird species have disappeared. The Spix’s Macaw species is now officially extinct in the wild, however, some of the birds survive in breeding programs. Deforestation is to blame in most of the countries however extreme weather events played a role too. Spix’s Macaws Life Span: … Read moreBlue Macaw Parrot Known From The Movie ‘Rio’ Is Now Officially Extinct And Here’s Why!

Can animal abusers adopt another pet?

dog abusers

Well, South Carolina says first-time offenders will ban animal abusers from adopting pets for five years. Second-time offenders will be banned for life!  Way to go South Carolina. Maybe other states will follow suit. Two new bills currently in committee are being considered to help protect animals from would-be abusers. Bruce Bryant (R), the bill’s author, told … Read moreCan animal abusers adopt another pet?

“Second Hand Dog” Book Review

Second Hand Dog Book Review

Title: Second Hand Dog: How to Turn Yours Into a First-Rate Pet (See It Here) Author: Carol Lea Benjamin Publisher: Howell Book House; New York, NY; 1988 Category: TRAINING I thought I should start my websites book reviews with this book since LRR and other rescues and shelters often highly recommend it to newly adoptive canine parents. Being only … Read more“Second Hand Dog” Book Review