Dog Eating Poop Remedy

Dog Eating Poop Remedy

I know this is kind of a sensitive issue or at least a bit of a gross topic but let’s face it, sometimes dogs eat poop.  Lately, I’ve found my older dog eating poop.  I have two dogs so I don’t know if she’s eating her own poop or the poop of her younger sister.  … Read more

How Old Is My Dog in Human Years? It’s NOT What You’ve Been Told!

How Old Is My Dog in Human Years

Contrary to popular belief, one “dog year” does not equal seven human years. We’ve seen many 20-year-old dogs in our business, but we have yet to even hear of any 140-year-old humans! The most accurate way to determine the relative age of your dog is to know the life expectancy of your dog’s breed. Small … Read more

Puppy Training Guide – And Dogs Too!


Puppy Training Mistakes Even one of several common puppy training mistakes can be the cause of puppy training problems. Some of them will greatly reduce your puppy’s, or dog’s, ability to learn, affect his behavior in the future, and can drag the accidents out forever. Remember, the experiences that a puppy has during the critical … Read more

What are the Best Dog Breeds for Children?

What are the Best Dog Breeds for Children

Choosing the best dog breeds for children is of great importance. Dogs come in many shapes, sizes and needs.  Matching up the right dog for your child is important to take advice and take your time researching carefully. Selecting the best dog breeds for children: What to consider When choosing the best dog breeds for … Read more