Basic Ferret Care

Basic Ferret Care

So You Have a Ferret! Congratulations! You have chosen to share your home and heart with a little animal who will bring you joy, love, and laughter all of the days of his life. Your ferret lives to frolic, bounce, dance, play and steal and stash anything he can get his thieving little paws on! … Read more

Ferret Safety

Ferret Safety

Bringing any pet into a home is an unspoken contract that you will care for the pet for the rest of its life. Caring for a pet includes providing food, water, a clean and comfortable place to live and sleep, and giving the pet attention and love. The responsibilities of a pet owner also extend … Read more

Easy Ferret Duck Soup

ferret duck soup

For decades, ferret owners and shelter directors have been nursing ferrets through illnesses with an easy-on-the-stomach concoction labeled “Duck Soup”.  This food, which has almost as many recipe variations as there are ferret owners, is a tried-and-true recovery aid, stress relief, and sometimes just a “comfort food” for ferrets who are not feeling well or … Read more

ADV and ECE – Ferret Diseases


What you need to know about ADV and ECE – Ferret Diseases ADV and ECE – Ferret Diseases: Aleutian Disease Virus or ADV  infects the domestic ferret. Epizootic Catarrhal Enteritis (ECE) is a life-threatening illness that can infect ferrets. Both diseases can be deadly!   About Aleutian Disease (ADV): Its Origin and Description: Aleutian Disease … Read more

Ferret Potty Training Issues

litter training a ferret

Ferret Potty Training Issues Keys to Litter Training Ferrets There are many articles and handouts that will tell you that litter training a ferret is essentially a walk in the park. While it is true that some ferrets take very readily to their litterbox and rarely miss making a direct hit, there are scores or … Read more

Choosing a Vet That’s Right For Your Ferret

What’s So Important About Choosing The Right Vet? Your vet will be a very important person in your life once you have brought a ferret into your home to share your hearth and heart. At first, you may only need your vet for those once-a-year shots and exams – but even for these routine procedures, … Read more

Ferret Insulinoma

Ferret Insulinoma

What is Ferret Insulinoma? Insulinoma is the most common of several fatal illnesses which can afflict the Domestic Ferret. It is a disease in which malignant changes in the islets of Langerhans (insulin-producing mechanisms in the pancreas) cause the pancreas to produce too much insulin, thus reducing blood glucose to potentially lethal levels. Low blood … Read more