Ferret Safety

Ferret Safety

Bringing any pet into a home is an unspoken contract that you will care for the pet for the rest of its life. Caring for a pet includes providing food, water, a clean and comfortable place to live and sleep, and giving the pet attention and love. The responsibilities of a pet owner also extend … Read moreFerret Safety

Easy Ferret Duck Soup

ferret duck soup

For decades, ferret owners and shelter directors have been nursing ferrets through illnesses with an easy-on-the-stomach concoction labeled “Duck Soup”.  This food, which has almost as many recipe variations as there are ferret owners, is a tried-and-true recovery aid, stress relief, and sometimes just a “comfort food” for ferrets who are not feeling well or … Read moreEasy Ferret Duck Soup

ADV and ECE – Ferret Diseases


What you need to know about ADV and ECE – Ferret Diseases ADV and ECE – Ferret Diseases: Aleutian Disease Virus or ADV  infects the domestic ferret. Epizootic Catarrhal Enteritis (ECE) is a life-threatening illness that can infect ferrets. Both diseases can be deadly!   About Aleutian Disease (ADV): Its Origin and Description: Aleutian Disease … Read moreADV and ECE – Ferret Diseases

Ferret Potty Training Issues

litter training a ferret

Ferret Potty Training Issues Keys to Litter Training Ferrets There are many articles and handouts that will tell you that litter training a ferret is essentially a walk in the park. While it is true that some ferrets take very readily to their litterbox and rarely miss making a direct hit, there are scores or … Read moreFerret Potty Training Issues

Ferret Insulinoma

Ferret Insulinoma

What is Ferret Insulinoma? Insulinoma is the most common of several fatal illnesses which can afflict the Domestic Ferret. It is a disease in which malignant changes in the islets of Langerhans (insulin-producing mechanisms in the pancreas) cause the pancreas to produce too much insulin, thus reducing blood glucose to potentially lethal levels. Low blood … Read moreFerret Insulinoma