Firefighter Rescues Puppy, Then Adopts Him


A South Carolina firefighter has rescued a puppy twice. First, North Charleston Fire Department Capt. Paul Bryant dug a poodle-shepherd mix puppy out from under a pile of rocks and concrete slabs on March 30 after cyclists heard the puppy’s cries. Now the 34-year firefighting veteran has adopted the puppy, taking him home from the … Read more


Each year, lab tests are conducted on more than 60,000 dogs in the United States — and unfortunately, it is standard practice to kill each animal that makes it out of the tests alive. But one particularly inhumane test on a group of beagles came into national attention last week, and thanks to the efforts of … Read more

Blue Macaw Parrot Known From The Movie ‘Rio’ Is Now Officially Extinct And Here’s Why!


A new study by BirdLife International said that in recent years several bird species have disappeared. The Spix’s Macaw species is now officially extinct in the wild, however, some of the birds survive in breeding programs. Deforestation is to blame in most of the countries however extreme weather events played a role too. Spix’s Macaws Life Span: … Read more

#worldspayday Today is World Spay Day


Did you know that today is World Spay Day? Humane Society International calls for a day of action to promote the sterilization of pets, community cats, and street dogs as a way to save animals’ lives. Let’s take a look at the reasons why a neutered or spayed cat will live a longer—and likely happier—life. … Read more

Can animal abusers adopt another pet?

dog abusers

Well, South Carolina says first-time offenders will ban animal abusers from adopting pets for five years. Second-time offenders will be banned for life!  Way to go South Carolina. Maybe other states will follow suit. Two new bills currently in committee are being considered to help protect animals from would-be abusers. Bruce Bryant (R), the bill’s author, told … Read more

Why Are Puppy Mills Bad?


Animal-lovers across the country have been busy trying to push puppy-millers off Craig’s List and Facebook. I applaud their efforts to make doing business more difficult for these scum. I’m a Craig’s List lurker: I read for a while until it makes me sick to my stomach, all the selfishness and greed, and then I stop … Read more

Jake’s Overweight Dog Diet Plan

Jake - my fat ass dog

I took the doggy to the vet a few weeks ago for a well-check and was shocked to find out that Jake weighed 62 pounds.  He was so thin when I adopted him. It was obvious that he had gone a long time with no real feeding schedule. He behaved as if he did not expect … Read more

Dogs once on death row get a second chance


Dogs once on death row are now getting a second chance at life thanks to the people in the Quad Cities. King’s Harvest animal shelter in Davenport, IA. reached out to their Facebook page last week, after they heard about a shelter in Arkansas that was falling apart and the dogs inside we’re going to … Read more