Dogs once on death row get a second chance


Dogs once on death row are now getting a second chance at life thanks to the people in the Quad Cities. King’s Harvest animal shelter in Davenport, IA. reached out to their Facebook page last week, after they heard about a shelter in Arkansas that was falling apart and the dogs inside we’re going to … Read more

Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions

rescued treasures pet adoptions

Everyone has times in their life when they need help. Whether it’s help with finding a meal, moving a car to the side of the road or opening a door; we all have that time in our life when we reach out to someone else for help. Sometimes we need help to the degree that … Read more

{OVER} The Chicken Rescue + $25 Giveaway (Ends 8-28-18 )

A trip to The Chicken Rescue I recently visited The Chicken Rescue in Houston, the first vegan-operated nonprofit sanctuary and rescue for chickens in Texas! My trip was a delightful experience right from the start: strolling into the lot, I was immediately drawn in by the sounds of gentle clucking drifting from the barn. Happy … Read more