Firefighter Rescues Puppy, Then Adopts Him


A South Carolina firefighter has rescued a puppy twice. First, North Charleston Fire Department Capt. Paul Bryant dug a poodle-shepherd mix puppy out from under a pile of rocks and concrete slabs on March 30 after cyclists heard the puppy’s cries. Now the 34-year firefighting veteran has adopted the puppy, taking him home from the … Read more


Each year, lab tests are conducted on more than 60,000 dogs in the United States — and unfortunately, it is standard practice to kill each animal that makes it out of the tests alive. But one particularly inhumane test on a group of beagles came into national attention last week, and thanks to the efforts of … Read more

Blue Macaw Parrot Known From The Movie ‘Rio’ Is Now Officially Extinct And Here’s Why!


A new study by BirdLife International said that in recent years several bird species have disappeared. The Spix’s Macaw species is now officially extinct in the wild, however, some of the birds survive in breeding programs. Deforestation is to blame in most of the countries however extreme weather events played a role too. Spix’s Macaws Life Span: … Read more

Can animal abusers adopt another pet?

dog abusers

Well, South Carolina says first-time offenders will ban animal abusers from adopting pets for five years. Second-time offenders will be banned for life!  Way to go South Carolina. Maybe other states will follow suit. Two new bills currently in committee are being considered to help protect animals from would-be abusers. Bruce Bryant (R), the bill’s author, told … Read more

Stop Animal Cruelty

Stop Animal Cruelty! A donkey beaten to pulp, punched in the face and abdomen several times, nose was broken, kicked all over his body until he collapsed, has rope marks and a car rammed into him….all of this to describe one political party as an “ass” by some hooligans as written on the poor donkey’s … Read more

Tragic Ending For A Kitten Buried Alive

man charged with burying kitten alive

A heartbreaking picture of a kitten that was buried alive in Erwin is receiving hundreds of shares on social media. The photo had been circulating on Unicoi County Animal Shelter’s Facebook page. A local woman, Donna Stapleton of Erwin first seen the photo she had this to say, “It just broke my heart, I couldn’t … Read more