Best Cat Litter Box For Large Cats

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Finding The Purrr-fect Litter Box

It’s hard to be paw-sitive when picking out a litter box. I know that I want an ideal place for my cat to call its throne– that part of the thinking process is easy enough. Even better is that I at least know that my top choices are always the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, the Nature’s Miracle Litter box, and the Petmate Hi-Back Litter Pan. But let’s be real, what makes a litter box the ideal box for you? I mean it’s just a place for your cat to take care of its business, so it can’t be that hard…right?

Well, let me break it down for you since there are a couple factors to consider. The scariest part of even having a litter box is the cleaning. You can either use a sponge, warm water, and a safe cleaning agent, or opt for the way of royals, and get a self-cleaning litter box.

As to how to dispose of that litter, a tied up double-lined bag should do the trick, or at least 2 plastic bags and a trash can. Litter boxes should be scooped at least once a day and litter should generally be replaced twice a week. So my advice to you is that if you can’t do the time, don’t get a feline.

Best Cat Litter Box For Large Cats
Nature’s Miracle Litter Box
Best Cat Litter Box For Large Cats
Petmate Litter Pan
Best Cat Litter Box For Large Cats
Omega Paw Litter Box

Ewww. Do you Smell that?

A fresh smelling litter box keeps both me, my cat, and the rest of my family happy. If you’ve ever actually smelled a dirty litter box then that should be enough motivation to invest in one with odor protection. That and the fact that you don’t want your cat to be so disgusted that he gets rid of his business elsewhere.

Some cats have really messy litter habits and if you know that that’s your case, then you should definitely buy a litter box with some type of mess protection. Size, surface, and built-in technology can be a huge help. It’ll save you time and be a protection for both you and your cat’s health.

Now Let’s Explore Your Choices.


The Omega Paw Litter Box

The Omega Paw Self-cleaning litter box is one of my all time favorites.  Waste collects in a pullout tray for quick disposal and since it’s self-cleaning, it saves me tons of time.

Plus it’s a large size so there’s no discrimination against your big cat. It has a cover, contains odors, and controls dust so do I hear mess and odor protection??

The patented grill inside separates clean litter from waste, so it’s literally made for your simplicity. And it does all of this without electricity, liners or filters. Pretty impressive for a litter box.




The Nature’s Miracle Litter Box

Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top Litter Box is another one of my favorites. I’ve never smelled an odor using this one. It’s made with odor-blocking technology and anti-microbial protection.

I love the flip top feature since it makes make clean up quick and easy. The hood helps prevent litter scatter and spraying leaks. Plus the non-stick surface completely gets rid of any type of build up.

It’s a good size of 17 inches, has a top, and a non-stick surface. So mess protection?


Petmate-Hi-Back-Litter-Pan-Color-May-VaryThe Petmate Litter Pan

The Petmate Hi-Back Litter Pan is my final favorite litter box. Not only is it a cheaper option but its available in tons of colors. And its jumbo, measuring 21-1/5-inch length by 17-1/3-inch width by 10-1/3-inch height.

The High back controls litter scatter and spray, making it perfect for a cat with messy litter habits. The low entrance makes it easy for your furry friend to get in and out of the litter pan as they please.


What are other people saying?

The Omega Paw litter box has scored rather highly on Amazon with customers praising the size and simplicity of it. Users are saying that it works great for multiple cats and it even makes owning them easier.

Some are marveling at how easy it is to dump the tray and how much time it has saved them. Others are still in shock at the fact that their “scooping” days are behind them. For cat-lovers, it sounds like buying this litter box has been a life-changing decision.

Nature’s Miracle Litter box has the current rating of a whopping 4.3 on Amazon and has earned over 700 5-star reviews. Many really appreciate the large size of the box and are saying that it too, can be used for multiple cats.

It’s well-made, light-weight, and sturdy according to many buyers about the quality of it. The litter box cleans easily, and even more importantly, it keeps the cats happy.

The Petmate Litter Pan has an even higher rating on Amazon, also scoring over 700 5-star reviews. It exceeded many users’ expectations for the price and a lot are saying that they would buy it again. So don’t let the low price scare you.

The high back seems to be the main source of applause, since it prevents spilling and spraying, even if you have a cat who’s a digger. And the low entrance even allows for old or injured cats to take care of their business. This Litter Pan will work regardless of your cat’s size.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

I’ve just presented you with not one, not two, but three amazing litter boxes! They’re all under $40 and fulfill the jobs that a litter box should (if not more.)

They protect against mess and odor, and they’re all good sizes. They’re made for easy cleaning, which is always a plus. And I’ve kindly laid them out will all their comparisons so you can choose the best one for YOUR cat.

Now’s the time to think about your cats’ happiness and buy them the thrones the little kings and queens deserve. 

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