Cats As Pets

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While sitting here, petting my adorable feline I thought about how lucky I am to be so blessed with the love of this animal! I have friends that have asked me “Aren’t cats hard to take care of?”, “Do cats make good pets?”. I thought I would do a quick post on all of the wonderful things that go along with having cats as pets!

The majority of families today have some sort of a pet. The most common household pets are cats or felines. Cats have many great traits that put them in the position of top pets throughout the world. They are relatively easy to care for, can adapt to different environments, and are typically inexpensive. Cats can provide companionship, humor, and can have jobs as well.

Stereotypical Feline Traits

The most common thing we think of when we are talking about cats is a cute, cuddly, little furball that provides us with companionship. They are more independent than other pets, but most cats enjoy a good nap on their owner’s lap. The easily recognizable purr of a cat lets us know that they want some affection from their owners. A cat’s independence is why it sometimes is a great pet choice. Cats groom themselves and do it quite often. A cat can survive quite well indoors or outdoors. Another reason why cats are often a top choice for pets is that they are relatively inexpensive. Look in the paper, and you will see kittens looking for homes. A quick search and one can find a large selection of rescue groups who dedicate themselves to finding homes for cats. Often, you can find cats that are up to date on their shots and that groups will happily deliver to you. Another benefit to some people is that cats are not a high activity animal. For someone who does not have the time to take a dog for a walk, a cat can be a great choice. Cats will often spend time playing, but they can play with or without you. Cats tend to sleep most of the day away. On average, they sleep between 12-14 hours and can sleep as much as 20 hours of the day away.

Fun And Humorous

Cats can provide humor in one’s life. Have you ever given a cat a paper bag? It can provide lots of entertainment for your cat and for yourself. Cats enjoy playing with the smallest items. Throw a ping pong ball on your floor and watch as a cat stalks, attacks, and chases that ping pong ball around. Cats love to have a good time and give us a good laugh in the process.


Cats can be workers too. They are known as hunters and will proudly bring their owners their trophy kills. This can be a good thing if you have mice or other rodents that you do not want around. Cats may be domesticated, but their instincts are not too far away. They will catch prey and provide themselves a meal if need be. Cats are also often used in animal therapy situations. There are cats that visit nursing homes and make individual visits to the patients. There are studies that show that petting an animal can help people to feel more calm and relaxed.


Most domesticated cats are relatively small. On average, they weigh between eight and eleven pounds although some breeds can be much larger. I have a Maine Coon, and she likes her food, and it shows. Maine Coons can get up to 25lbs. Their typically small size makes them good choices for pets of people who live in apartments or other areas where space is restricted. Cats come in a multitude of colors. You can find pure white cats, black cats, tiger stripes, tortoise color, calico, and a variety of spots and speckles everywhere.


Have you ever heard the phrase, “cat-like reflexes” That is because cats have many abilities that if found in a person would be considered super-human! First, cats can see very well in the dark. This is because they only need a portion of the amount of light us humans do to see in the dark. It is like they have built-in night goggles. They also have superb hearing. Not only do they have much more acute hearing than humans, but you may also be surprised to know they have better hearing than dogs. This, undoubtedly, is a feature that comes in handy when a cat is out on the prowl. Have you ever seen a cat go crazy for catnip? This is in part due to their heightened sense of smell. Although it is less than dogs, the area that pulls in smells in the nose is twice that on a cat than it is on a human. Have you ever made a tuna sandwich and found your cat who was in the opposite end of the house to be under your toes within two seconds? It’s that powerful nose.

Cats also have a great sense of balance. It is not uncommon to see a cat walk gracefully across a fence row. This is in part because they walk on their toes and also because their back paws will line directly where the front paw left off. One thing cats do lack is tastebuds. Instead, they have whiskers. These whiskers can help with their balance and movement.


Where do we get all these cats? Overpopulation in cats is a common problem in many areas. This is because a cat can have an average of three to five kittens. Each female cat can have up to 3 liters a year so one little kitty can produce fifteen cats in one year. Multiply that out and you can see where overpopulation can easily occur. This is especially true as cats reach sexual maturity as young as five months. One cat can make a village of kittens in no time at all. This is why there are many efforts to support low cost spay and neuter programs for cats.

Cats As Pets Is A Purrrfect Choice!

Cats have been around as pets for thousands of years. It is not a surprise that they have maintained their spot as the top pet for so long. Cats have many qualities that are very appealing. They are able to adapt to different home settings, outdoor, indoor, small, or large homes. They require minimal exercise and if they do want a round of play, they can certainly entertain themselves. They come in different sizes and colors and are furry and cuddly. They can not only be used for companionship, but are useful in catching rodents too.