All Natural Remedies for Dogs that You Can Use at Home

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My quest to find natural remedies for dogs began almost as soon as when I first brought my little pooch home from the shelter.  If you’re a dog owner then you know how expensive the first year of your pet’s life can be.  You have to get your pet vaccinated, de-wormed, buy all the equipment for him and train him which may require taking him to a puppy school.

Expensive Diarrhea

The first time my dog had diarrhea, I panicked and brought him to the vet straight away.  After a $500 bill, I decided to find alternative treatments for him that would be easier on my wallet.  Now in my case, my dog was otherwise behaving normally.  He had all his normal puppy energy and excitement; it’s just that he had a really bad case of diarrhea.  It is normal for your dog to have soft stools from time to time but in this case, his bowel movements were coming out like straight liquid.  Thankfully, I was able to get him outside each time he needed to go so that he didn’t make a mess of the house.

Alternative Treatments

In the case of diarrhea, if your dog or puppy is not otherwise behaving normally then take him straight to the vet.  If he is behaving normally, then there are natural remedies for dogs that can cure this problem.  You can save yourself a lot of unnecessary expense by investigating ways to treat your pet at home for common ailments.  In addition, some vets may overprescribe medications that can harm your pet over the long term.  At one stage my dog had an ear infection and the vet recommended a particular brand of ear drops and putting them in his ears twice per day for 2 weeks.  Well, the ear infection cleared up but the medication caused a lot of irritation to my dog’s ears.  Even after two weeks, the poor little guy was still very uncomfortable.  We cured one problem and caused another – the irritation from the medication.  It was at that point that we consulted another vet with a very good reputation who recommended we only use the medication as needed.

Learn To Help Your Pet

The point is that many dog ailments can be treated successfully at home just like many human illnesses can.  By investigating alternative treatments, you can save yourself money as well as time.  If your pet becomes ill on the week-end when your veterinarian’s office is closed, you may have to take him to a pet hospital which is extremely expensive or, waits until Monday when your vet’s office is open again.  If you become informed on how to treat your pet with natural remedies, then you can help your dog to feel more comfortable in a shorter span of time.