Brindle Male Dog Names Plus Facts And Myths

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Alex – Male – Means “Defender of Mankind” – this dog will keep you safe day and night.

Ali – Male – This dog will float like a butterfly, but watch out for bees!

Bingo – Unisex – Your lucky dog, they’ll help you choose lottery numbers each week.

Boris – Male – A fighter or warrior – he’ll keep you out of harm’s way.

Bozo – Male – Means dunce or fool, this dog will be lovable anyway, even if he’s had a few too many punches to the head and is not too bright!

Bruno – Male – Means brown-haired man, but also an English boxer, so better treat him like a King.

Champ – Male – This dog is a sure winner!

ChiefMale – This is a good name for a dog who is a leader

Chips – Unisex – This dig likes to scrunch, so keep him in bones or he’ll be raising your larder.

Cosmic – Unisex – The best dog in the known Universe!

Cuba – Unisex – This dog likes their independence, and will only do what they’re told if you “show them the money”.

Darcy – Unisex – Means “from the stronghold” this dog will be brave and sweep you off your feet.

Darwin – Male – Means beloved friend, and he’ll be your best friend all his life.

Duke – Male – This dog will expect to be waited on hand and foot.

Elvis – Male – Means Prince of Wisdom, so not only will this dog sing to you, he’ll know when to shut up too!

Frasier – Male – He likes to win, so be careful playing games.

Freud – Male – Don’t lie down on the couch with this dog around!

General – Male – This dog will bark orders and organize your maneuvers with precision so he gets what he wants.

Guinness – Unisex – This dog will stay cool and keep his head no matter what.

Hamlet – Male – Shakespeare’s troubled Danish king – for a boxer with a permanent frown, and don’t leave him alone with your cigars!

Harley – Male – Means “from the meadow of hares” this dog will love to chase rabbits – and motorbikes!

Hogan – Male – Mean youth – this permanent puppy will never grow up.

Holyfield – Male – He’ll want to go sprinkle his own holy water in the park very regularly, as well as box.

Homer – Male – Means blind person, for a dog with a liking for donuts and a strange bark (Doh!)

HunterMale – as in hunting dog.

Jack – Male – Means God’s gracious gift – this dig is really special and will bring you happiness all his life.

Kai – Unisex – Means rejoice, and you’ll be happy enough with this beauty!

Legend – Unisex – This dog will be well known throughout the neighborhood.

Mischief – Unisex – This dog will keep you on your toes all day – and all night!

Mr T – Male – This dog will scare off anyone you want, but don’t give in and buy him jeweled collars!

Nasdaq – Unisex – This dog will want to keep an eye on your finances, so make sure you hide your wallet.

Pluto – Male – 9th planet from the sun, this boy will be cold and constantly wanting to hop into bed with you.

Pongo – Unisex – Means “one who smells”, so choose this name at your peril!

Rocky – Male –This boy will train all day, so make sure you’re ready with your running shoes.

Skipper – Male – this dog will run the ship, so better be prepared to do all the rowing!

Sly – Male – Named after Sylvester “Sly” Stallone, this dog will be butch and loved by the ladies.

Stinger – Unisex – This dog will truly sting like a bee, so better watch out when it’s time for their walk.

Sugar Ray – Male – This boy will be a sweetie when he’s not fighting.

Toby – Male – Means God is good, also a character in Shakespeare who belches a lot, so be careful what you feed this boy.

Triumph – Unisex – This dog is a real winner, every time!

Tyson – Male – This boy will be mad, bad, and raring to go!

Warrior – Male – This dog will fight your corner for you any day.

50 Shades of Brindle Dogs

Known as the tiger-striped pattern, the brindle coat is one of the subtle, yet colorful patterns in dogs, horses, and even cattle. The streaks in the coating are usually darker than the predominant color of the animal, and on occasions, the brindle coating can even manifest in black fur through darker splotches and marking in the coat. But, what exactly makes brindle coats special? Are brindle dogs considered “special” in comparison to other dogs? And will my brindle dog make me toast and coffee in the morning contrary to my regular non-bridle dog? Let’s find out!

What are Brindle Coat Dogs?

Brindle Coat Dogs are by definition animals of the Canis genus known for the color pattern of their fur. Usually, these dogs have brown fur that is intertwined with black or dark brown stripes similar to the patterns on a tiger. But, unlike a tiger they won’t maul you and tear you to pieces, instead, they only want to shower you with love and attention. However, do take into account that the definition of brindle for other animals is not quite the same as it is in dogs. An added fact, the etymology of the word brindle is that it comes from the word “brinded” ( a phrase which means “as if with fire”).

As a side note, while the brindle gene is considered recessive in dogs, it’s not in fact particularly rare or difficult to find. In fact, you’ll find plenty of dogs who display the color scheme of the brindle dogs. Additionally, while some breeds are recognized by the American/United Kennel Club as having a brindle coat, other dogs with similar coloring can, in fact, go unrecognized as “brindle dogs”.

But, if you want to see a wonderful example of a brindle dog specimen take a look at this guy:


If you notice, the image displays a majestic little puppy with a brown coat that has all sorts of black marks and some cool shades. By now, a lot of you will be saying, “oh yeah, I have a friend with an “insert breed here” who looks similar”, and you might be wrong because this dog has a top-notch sense of fashion (just look at those shades) and theirs doesn’t (prove me wrong)! However, even though all dogs go to heaven, not all pups have a brindle coat and if you’re interested in getting a brindle coat dog then you’ll have to choose from a select list of amazing breeds!

5 Brindle Dog Breeds and why we Love them!

Please take into account that brindle patterns are all the same. A few of these breeds are comprised entirely of brindle, while others have patterns that have splotches of colors throughout their body. Furthermore, you might notice that the contrast of the primary coat and the markings can vary from each dog; even the stripes can be different. Hence, when you search for a brindle pup, not only should you consider their breed, but also the type of markings you prefer.


Boxes are some of the most popular brindle dogs, their friendly disposition plus adorable looks make them some of the best family dogs in the market. Unlike most dogs who feature the brindle gene as a recessive trait, it’s actually a dominant one in boxers. Additionally, boxers only come in two coat patterns a brown one (the recessive trait), and the brindle pattern (dominant trait).

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Small, adorable, and found in a plethora of colors that include brindle patterns, these stubborn little bundles of fur are surprisingly stubborn and intelligent. Their athleticism is actually one of their most recognizable traits, and they are also quick to learn new tricks.
Word to the wise, Cardigan Welsh Corgis’ are extremely furry and will shed their hair with impunity. Be prepared to do some major cleaning and expect there to be deep layers of fur flying around the home if you select one of these little rascals.

Great Dane

Scooby Doo had nothing on some of the awesome displays of brindle coats found in these big old lugs. Great Danes are huge though, and they can weight over 200 pounds. You shouldn’t let their size scare you though as they are easy-going pets with a calm demeanor and an adorable personality. Keep in mind that unlike the boxer, Great Danes come in a variety of colors almost ten in fact and only one of those is brindle.


You might have noticed that I mentioned the Great Dane only comes in one brindle coat pattern and the Akita is the reason for that remark. Unlike their big cousins, the Akita actually has a few varieties of brindle patterns. Additionally, they’re also inclined to be aggressive if not properly socialized as they were bred to hunt dangerous beasts such as bears.

The personality of the Akita is a combination of protectiveness and willfulness that is filled with personality. But, they’re domineering pets and require a special type of owner to raise it properly. I don’t recommend this breed for people with little time or small children without the proper preparation and steps taken beforehand.

Pit Bulls

Contrary to popular belief the “Pit Bull” is not just a famous Hispanic rapper whose family is from Cuba. Instead, they’re a lovable breed of dogs that are widely discriminated against due to the stigma attached to their past. They originally were bred for fighting, and as such people who don’t own one are under the impression that they’re aggressive and dangerous.

However, a lot of that is misinformation Pits are actually loving, kind, friendly, and extremely loyal dogs that are great for families. Furthermore, they’re very protective of their own and make great lifetime companions for those seeking a popular breed of brindle dogs. Their coats are usually of the black and tan variety with patches of white in certain parts of their body. I love these guys and if you ever own one; you will too.

Honorable Mentions

There are actually plenty of breeds available with the brindle coat and while the aforementioned ones are our favorites in here that doesn’t mean you can’t find a new brindle companion in the form of:

  • English Mastiffs
  • Boston Terrier
  • Bullmastiffs
  • Greyhound
  • French Bulldog
  • Treeing Tennessee Brindle
  • Whippet
  • Mountain Cur
  • Plott Hounds
  • Cane Corso
  • Basenjin
  • Dutch Shepherd
  • Cairn Terrier
  • Dachshund
    And more!

This list should provide you with an ample variety of choices whenever you go out and adopt your new furry companion. But, if you’re still curious about brindle dogs and how they’ve come about take a look at a bit of the science behind it.

Here is a photo of my Baby, Bear-Bear a Bullmastiff. Sadly, she passed away years ago from old age. I miss her every day! She is wearing an XXL Sweatshirt!


Genetics of Brindle

As we mentioned earlier, the gene for the brindle coat is a recessive trait in most species from the K Locus/series. The K Locus is primarily black, with some recessive non-solid black and brindle coat genes. Normally for dogs, black fur will be the dominant trait and in fact, only a few dogs have a dominant brindle coat such as the Boxer. However, genetics are always a hit and miss, and simply because a gene is dominant does not mean the recessive ones won’t be displayed. In fact, some studies speculate that brindle can appear even in dogs with a history of black fur and that there are additional variables that come into play for dogs with a brindle coating. However, with all of this being said, let’s get to the really important questions we mentioned earlier about brindle dogs.

What makes Brindle Dogs Special?

This is a tough question; brindle dogs aren’t much different from their regular coating buddies. But, with that being said the answer is nothing that doesn’t make your other dogs already special. Dogs are awesome creatures and the brindle coating just makes them look that much more special. The coat is simply a coloration that some consider beautiful and others don’t pay it too much attention. As they say after all “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and for some brindle dogs are the epitome of awesome coats.

Will my Brindle Dog make me Toast and Coffee in the Morning?

Sadly, this is still a no. Unfortunately, brindle dogs have not developed the opposite thumbs required for this type of complicated action. However, even though they can’t bring you breakfast in the morning does not mean they can’t wake you up with kisses and love! Many of these breeds are extremely affectionate dogs and they will certainly liven up your home. There are plenty of reasons to get a brindle dog, but coffee and toast is simply not one of them.

Additional Information

There are some dogs out there known as Reverse Brindle Dogs. The reverse brindle coat is what happens when the lighter colored stripes appear on darker color fur as opposed to the regular brindle pattern which is dark stripes on light-colored fur. However, that’s only half the story the actuality is that the darker stripes are simply much more prominent giving an impression that the coat itself is black/dark. You will notice this pattern is common in dogs like the boxer.

Now you might have gotten interested in going out there and getting yourself a brand new brindle puppy, but please keep in mind that all dogs require a lot of work and attention. Brindle dogs might not be any more special or rarer than regular dogs, but they are equally as amazing. When you get yourself a brindle pup, not only will you have obtained a companion for life, you’ll have adopted a brand new furry family member.


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