Can I Give My Dog Imodium For Diarrhea

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A dog with diarrhea is not a pleasant thing but it’s also pretty common.  You may never know the cause of it but it’s important to keep a few things in mind.  Your pooch may have ingested something while out on a walk or gotten into something in your kitchen.  In most cases, your dog will be fine once the diarrhea is taken care of but your pet may have also gotten into something that’s potentially poisonous for them.  If your dog is also exhibiting other symptoms, you will want to bring him straight to the vet.  If he is listless, vomiting, not drinking any water and generally not behaving normally, take him to the vet straight away.  If your dog is otherwise behaving normally, there are some home remedies that you can try.

Can I Give My Dog Imodium For Diarrhea

Yes, most dogs can take Imodium, however in different cases, giving your pooch Immodium can prompt possibly genuine symptoms like a blockage, sedation (which can be extreme), swell and pancreatitis. Here are a few cases when you ought NOT to give your puppy Imodium:

  • Herding Breeds such as Collie, Sheltie or Australian shepherds.
  • Health conditions such as liver or kidney sickness, Addison’s illness, trouble breathing, hypothyroidism, or head damage

The standard dose of Imodium for puppies relies upon which variety of Imodium you are giving him. With the fluid type of Imodium A-D, canines are typically offered 0.3 to 0.6 mL for each pound of weight a few times each day. This is by and large poured over pooches’food. For Imodium A-D caplets or EZ Chews, canines are generally given one 2 mg caplet for every 25 to 50 pounds of body weight a few times each day. Imodium Multi-Symptom Relief has 2 mg of loperamide, yet it additionally contains simethicone. This medication is likewise by and large safe for mutts, and pooches should get one pill for each 25 to 50 pounds of weight. Your veterinarian may wish to change the measurements in light of your puppy’s particular response to the medication or their medicinal history. Take after your vet’s directions nearly.

What I Give “My” Dog For Diarrhea

Plain cooked white rice is a great diarrhea treatment for both humans and dogs.  Mix it with a couple of tablespoons of plain yogurt to help coat your dog’s stomach.  Take him off everything else but his water for a day and feed him the rice and yogurt mixture only.  The amount you give him will depend on the size of your dog but as a rule of thumb, give him about half the quantity of rice and yogurt as you would his regular food.  Make sure that you still give him plenty of fresh water.  You should find that your dog’s diarrhea stops after the first or second meal.  If it does, then on day two, you can start mixing your dog’s regular food with the rice and yogurt mixture.  On day three, if all is well, you can put him back on his regular food altogether.  You might find that your dog doesn’t go at all for a day or two once you start feeding him the rice mixture but as long as he is peeing and otherwise behaving normally then he should be fine.  Once he’s been on his regular food for a full 24-48 hours, he should begin to have regular bowel movements again.

$500 Worth of Motivation To Find A Beter Treatment

I’ve had to use this remedy myself a couple of times and it works like a charm.  I remember visiting a friend who has a dog with my little pooch and he ate the other dog’s food while we were there and before I had a chance to stop him (I was distracted by the conversation I was having with my friend).  Well because it wasn’t my dog’s regular food, he had a nasty case of diarrhea the next day.  The rice and yogurt mixture fixed him right up.  And, it saved me money too.  When my dog was a puppy, he had diarrhea one day and I panicked and brought him straight to the vet.   After spending $500, I decided that I needed to find an alternative solution and this treatment has always worked really well.  Again, if your dog is NOT otherwise behaving normally, I would definitely bring him to the vet to be on the safe side.

Can I Give My Dog Pepto Bismol For Diarrhea

Yes,  Pepto-Bismol can be given to dogs (never cats!) with diarrhea, vomiting or upset tummy.  Give one teaspoon per 20 pounds of weight every 4-6 hours for 24 hours, or until symptoms begin to resolve.


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