Cute Chihuahua Names

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So you have new Chihuahua and want to give it that special name. Here at, you will find top quality cute Chihuahua names. Picking a name for your furry new friend is a special process. Take your time, look over the list and watch your new friend for a few days. Most of the time a dogs’ actions will decide his true name!


Amaretto – Female – Sweet and nice to have on hand after a good meal.

Baby – Unisex – With this face, your dog will stay looking young for years.

Bambi – Female – delicate and shy, this little one will melt hearts. Excellent name for a girl Chihuahua puppy.

Barbie – Female – Blonde, slim and beautiful – what more could you want.

Beast – Male – Next to him, you’ll look great!

Biscuit – Unisex – A cracker of a dog with a real snappy personality.

Cashmere – Female – For a soft piece of stuff that cost the earth.

Chardonnay – Female – Soft and pale golden, with a pleasant bouquet – but might give you a little headache! Good choice for a female Chihuahua dog.

Coral – Female – means sincere – and coral reefs are made of millions of tiny skeletons – this dog won’t be a vegetarian!

Cuddles – Unisex – Warning! This pampered pooch will need a LOT of attention!

Dandy – Male – Means elegant man. You’ll be elegant with this chap on your arm. Can you think of better male Chihuahua name?

Dinky – Unisex – Means small – need we say more, except “and beautiful,” maybe?

Donut – Unisex – make sure this little one doesn’t eat too much.

Doodle – Unisex – This dog will keep you from getting bored, just don’t leave any pencils lying around.

Figaro – Male – This little boy will sing you to sleep and help shave you in the morning.

Fleur – Female – Means flower. This pooch will smell sweet and brighten up every day, but wilt in too much sun. This Chihuahua female name is cute indeed.

Fluffy – Unisex – Means soft, light and airy – good for a dog you need to carry a lot.

Frisky – Unisex – Means energetic and playful, so this dog WON’T need carrying – they’ll be taking YOU for a walk!

Furby –Unisex – Small fluffy toys with big bright eyes. Make sure a pet with this name moves about a bit so people don’t think it’s stuffed!

Ginseng – Unisex – A root prized for its health and stimulating properties. You’ll stay healthy and fit with this critter in tow!

Gizmo – Male – A gadget or device. This boy will be clever and crafty; keep the tools locked away.

Gollum – Male – This boy will follow you around like glue, but don’t leave him alone with your jewelry.

Gremlin – Unisex – A mischief-maker, don’t expect this dog to stay out of trouble.

Hilton – Unisex – For the pet who only sleeps in the best rooms in the house.

Hobbit – Male – This dog will look after your jewelry for you, especially your rings.

Hotlips – Female – The nurse from Hit TV series MASH – will be chased by all the boys in the neighborhood.

Jasmine – Female – A fragrant flowering vine, will keep your rooms smelling sweet but could be a little clingy. This is very cute Chihuahua female name.

Jingles – Unisex – TV advertising slogans – this dog will be easy to catch and hard to forget.

Kimi – Female – Means unequaled. This little dog will match up to any bigger dog you name.

Krystal – Female – A clear transparent gem of a dog – honest and loyal.

Lexus – Male – A suitable name for a high-class dog who came with a hefty price tag. Excellent choice for a Chihuahua boy puppy.

Lolita – Female – Means sorrow, but having men around will cheer up this little girl no end!

Macaroni – Unisex – A hollow tube of pasta – this dog will be hungry all the time.

Mai Tai – Female – An exotic and sweet cocktail, this girl will add class to any bar in town.

Mambo – Male – This dance will mean your dog is a good mover – sure to turn heads around town.

Maxi – Unisex – Short for maximum. They do say that the best things come in small packages…

Midge – Unisex – Short for midget. This dog may be small but they have a big heart…

Nikita – Female – Means little child, this dog will spy on you when you least expect it!

Ninja – Male – An oriental warrior, this dog will sneak around the house and keep burglars at bay. A Chihuahua boy puppy will be proud to have such name.

Pepsi – Unisex – This dog will sparkle and always be fizzing with enthusiasm. This cute Chihuahua name is easy to pronounce and makes people smile.

Pixie – Unisex – Means playful and mischievous. Better watch out with one of these in the house!

Rolex – Unisex – for the dog you intend carrying around – it will look good on your arm.

Sparky – Male – This dog will always have a glint in his eye and bring a twinkle to yours.

Spritzer – Unisex – This dog will sparkle too and bring a touch of fizz to quiet flat times.

Teddy – Male – Means prosperous guardian – so it’s a great idea to take this pooch to bed with you!

Tiffany – Female – This dog will look great on you, and makes a wonderful accessory.

Titch – Unisex – This dog may be small, but he or she will stand up for itself.

Yoda – Male – This dog will be wise and look after you when you least expect it. This name is one of the best among cute Chihuahua names especially if you are a fan of “Star Wars” movie.

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