What are the Best Dog Breeds for Children?

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Choosing the best dog breeds for children is of great importance. Dogs come in many shapes, sizes and needs.  Matching up the right dog for your child is important to take advice and take your time researching carefully.

Selecting the best dog breeds for children: What to consider

When choosing the best dog breeds for children, one of the considerations to make is the size of the animal. Careful planning on the future dog owner’s part is necessary as a small dog can almost get along anywhere, whereas a bigger dog would require much more room and exercise. Another important factor will be if the child or children have allergies that might cause an issue. This will also depend on the degree of the reaction of the child when he or she is around any animal.


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For those that are sensitive to these types of dander, a toy poodle might be the solution. The poodle is one of the best dog breeds for children as it does not shed hair but does require maintenance on his mane. Otherwise, his hair will knot up and will have to be shaved off for a new beginning.

Toy Poodle

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The toy poodle is a highly intelligent dog and works well with children and adults alike. They are very quick learners and a very loving type of dog.  They are also great watchdogs, and a full-grown are usually four to eight pounds. This is an ideal size as they require much less exercise than a larger breed. The toy poodle’s intelligence and loyal behavior makes this breed one of the most highly sought after pet today. Many of these animals are trained to do many tricks and compete in dog shows, and many are champion and blue ribbon sired.

Since this is one of the smaller breeds, a small amount of food is all the dog will need. Feeding the pet only the highest quality of foods will extend his life and keep him healthy.  Vet visits for issues will definitely be shorter but the twice a year check up is still necessary for teeth cleaning and vaccinations.  Daily renewal of water supply should be one of the standard items that remain intact as well.

Labrador retriever

Another all-time favorite pet and one of the best pets for children would be the Labrador retriever.  This is one of the friendliest breeds and grows up to be an important member of the family. They are great watchdogs and love to run, so require a large amount of space to roam.

Labrador retriever as one of the best dog breeds for children

What are the Best Dog Breeds for Children
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The Labrador retriever will require daily exercise. Any large animal that does not get its required amount of exercise will show his frustration by wreaking havoc in his immediate surroundings. It is best to keep this pet in an area where he has plenty of room to play. The retriever loves the water, and some will jump into the water and fetch their toys. This is a very active dog and loves children and adults alike.  This pet will make a wonderful partner for an active adult who likes to run or ride a bike.

This is a larger dog that requires more kibble and keeping fresh water at all times will keep this animal healthy.  He will need annual check-ups and teeth cleaning to ensure there is no tooth decay.  Giving him rawhide chewing sticks will help keep his teeth sharp and clean. This may also be a way for the dog to stop chewing up furniture or old shoes.


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Another one of the best dog breeds for children would be the Goldendoodle. This is a mixture of a purebred Poodle and a purebred golden retriever. This wonderful combination has the best of both worlds; the highly intelligent poodle and the friendliness of the retriever.  This is a very social animal and very family oriented which makes it a great dog for everyone including children.

The maintenance would be the same as most large dogs with hair. Regular brushing should be maintained.  Since this is a fairly good-sized dog, exercise is important and a large enough space to allow him to roam. These species are also great swimmers and love the water.  They are great with their noses and can sniff out food and if trained, can search out certain smells. Like most pets, these doodles love their owners and want to make them happy so that training new tricks will be easier than most.

German Shepherd

Photo Credit: publicdomainpictures.net
Photo Credit: publicdomainpictures.net

One of the most fearless protectors in the animal kingdom is the German Shepherd. These beautiful animals are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. They are graceful, loyal and totally dedicated to their owners. The Shepherd is very protective of their owners and makes a great protector for their children.  They are so smart and loving towards their family members that they are hard not to love. However, these are big dogs requiring a lot of care and attention so may not always be suitable for families.

This pet will need lots of room to roam and daily walks will do wonders for their health.  They are also regarded as police training dogs and have so many abilities to excel that they are a marvel to watch and observe.

As with all pets, proper training is required to maintain a healthy bond with the master and other members of the family.  Regular exercise is good for both owner and pet and should be done on a regular basis. Regular trips to the Vets to get annual check-ups and medicines like vaccines are all part of being a great pet owner. Some dogs are extremely nervous when it comes to seeing the doctor and needs to be reassured that all will be well and he will be coming home all in one piece. This can be done by taking the animal to the vet for other pleasant visits.  Constant reassurance can also help relieve the animal’s stress factor and make it a better trip for both master and pet.

When families go on vacations, some like to bring along their pets with them. If this includes being outdoors like in a camping site or areas where there are a lot of greenery, then shots are warranted to protect the animal against any diseases. This is an extremely important decision that should not be excused or pushed to the side. This is true as well if the pet is going to a boarder and there are other animals being catered to.

Listed above are, in my opinion, the best dog breeds for children. Of course, again, this will depend on whether your child is comfortable with the dog breed or not. Also, just always remember, when choosing the best dog breeds for children, to research properly and consult with a Vet if necessary. You should also never leave young children alone with a dog at any time.