Dog Constipation Pumpkin

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From time to time, your dog may become constipated.  And, it may be difficult to determine the cause.  You should first ensure that your dog is drinking enough water.  His dish should always be full of fresh water and be readily available.  Although it’s more common for your dog to have diarrhea symptoms, it is not unusual for your dog to exhibit signs of constipation.


The most obvious signs of dog constipation symptoms are that your dog is not having bowel movements the way that he usually does.  If he has been drinking his water, take him out of a walk to see if that gets things moving.  Some dogs are particular about where they go potty so that even if you give him a nice patch of grass to go on in your backyard, he may not want to go there for whatever reason.  And, if he is holding it in, he will get eventually get constipated.


Dog constipation symptoms can include a temporary loss of appetite and the more obvious sign is that your dog may be trying to go but nothing is coming out.  Just like humans, he may be grunting and groaning as he is trying to go.  If he does go, it may be really hard and there may sometimes be a little bit of blood but that can be from the anus tearing a little bit at the opening.  If your dog exhibits signs of constipation on a regular basis, then you should first look at his diet.  Is he drinking enough water?  Is he eating too many treats?  Does he eat people food?  If your dog is eating people food, you must ensure that the food choices are healthy choices.  Giving your dog cheese is okay once in a while so long as he doesn’t have an allergy to it but if you give it to him too often, it could be the cause of your dog’s bowel problems.

Junk Food

Feeding your dog junk food is an absolute No-No.  Never ever give him French fries, potato chips, people cookies or anything of the sort.  Although my dog is very good at giving me the “suck-y face” when he wants some of a snack that I’m eating, I never give him any because otherwise, he will expect to get a taste of my meal each and every time.

Dog Constipation Pumpkin

So, if your dog is constipated, first take a look at his diet.  Get him off everything that is not his regular dog food and make sure that he is drinking water.  You can also try giving him some plain pureed pumpkin from a can.  Make sure that it is NOT pumpkin pie filling with sugar and cinnamon added to it.  Mix a couple of tablespoonfuls with his dog food and it should help him to loosen up.  And, pumpkin is loaded with vitamin C so that it is good for him when he has a cold too.  Don’t give him pumpkin on a regular basis though unless he seems to have a digestive problem of some kind.  If you suspect that your dog is constipated and he is also NOT behaving normally otherwise, do take him to the vet to rule out anything more serious.  Your dog may have ingested something that has lodged in his intestines which can cause serious complications.