Dog Hot Spots Home Remedy

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Many dog owners love their dogs as if they are their own flesh and blood. It’s no surprise that this is why many dog owners are dismayed and become worried when their pet is in any distress. One of the most irritating things for a dog owner to find is hot spots on their dog’s skin. It can also be frustrating trying to find a treatment for these too. However, there are a couple of different things that can be done to help cure your dog’s hot spots. One of which is by applying a dog hot spots home remedy to your dog’s skin.

Be Sure It’s A Hot Spot

Before you apply a dog hot spots home remedy, you need to be sure your dog has a hot spot. There are a few common indicators that it is indeed, a hot spot. The first thing you will probably notice is your dog itching, licking or scratching a specific spot on his body. Your dog will do this after the hot spot has already formed because it is inflamed and irritating your dog. Often times, due to your dog’s biting and/or scratching, the area will most likely become bald. However, sometimes continuous licking will cause the hair to the mat. A hot spot will appear to be a “spot” on the skin that is red and possibly oozes.

Dog Hot Spots Home Remedy

Once you are certain your dog has a hot spot then you can try a dog hot spots home remedy before taking your dog to the vet. The thing you want to do in order to help heal the hot spot is to dry it out. Once it is dried out and the oozing stops, then the inflammation should go down. One of the most popular dogs hot spots home remedies is using a green or black tea bag. You can do one or two things with the tea bags. You can either use the tea bags as dry compresses, and press them against the hot spot or, you can brew the tea and use it to thoroughly wash the hot spot. A couple other “home” remedies include Hydrocortisone creams and Domeboro Cooling Gel. Both of these can be purchased at your local pharmacy, however, you should ask your vet before you try them.

When To Call A Vet

You should call your vet if you don’t see any results after a few days of applying the dog hot spots home remedy. Your vet will be able to better inspect the hot spot to determine how bad it is. He will then be able to prescribe a more powerful medication for it to get it cleared up.Dog Hot Spots Home Remedy

Dog Hot Spots Home Remedy