Dog Puncture Wound Care

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As a dog owner, you may from time to time need to administer first aid for dogs cuts.  Like many dog owners, you may from time to time bring your pooch to a leash free park to romp around and play with other dogs.  Given that these parks are open to the public, garbage can accumulate from time to time.  When I speak of garbage, it can range from food wrappings to broken drink bottles and broken metal pop cans.  So, it’s important to take care with your pet before you release him from his leash so that he doesn’t risk cutting himself on carelessly discarded garbage.

First Step

It’s not always possible to avoid these kinds of dangers that may require first aid for dogs cuts so here are some things that you can do.  If your pet has cut his paw on something jagged and is bleeding, first inspect the wound to ensure that there is nothing lodged in there such as a glass splinter.  If there is, you will need to get some tweezers to gently remove the splinter.  Your dog may fight you about this so be gentle and speak softly to him.  It may help to put a muzzle on him if he is nipping at you in your attempt to help him.

Second Step

Once you’ve removed the splinter, you will want to assess the situation to see if it needs a vet’s attention.  If there is a little bit of blood, then you can most likely look after the problem on your own and clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide.  Next, apply some Neosporin and wrap the paw several times with some gauze.  You will need to keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t try and remove the bandage.  Within a few hours, you can remove it for him but then keep an eye on it for a few days in case the wound gets infected and make sure you clean it after every trip outside.

When To Call A Vet

However, if the wound is bleeding profusely, then you will want to contact a vet right away.  In the meantime, you can apply pressure to the wound by placing several pieces of gauze on it until you are able to get him to the vet.  Fortunately, most cuts and scrapes that dogs get can be effectively treated at home.  It’s pretty common for a dog owner to have to administer first aid for minor incidents.