Dog Immune Booster Supplements

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Just like humans, dogs can be adversely affected by overuse of medicines. So often, antibiotics are prescribed for sick pets so that eventually, the medicines don’t work any longer. The dog’s immune system is weakened so that he becomes more prone to other illnesses and even serious diseases in the future. Add to that the yearly vaccinations that are required by the kennels if you ever hope to get away for a holiday. Although I would never suggest that you refrain from vaccinating your pets, the vaccines themselves contain ingredients that are potentially toxic.

Vaccines Don’t Always Prevent Everything!

Herbal remedies for dogs can help boost your dog’s own natural immunity. I recall that when we first took our dog to the kennel for a week-end out of town, he came back with a nasty cough. He had been vaccinated for kennel cough but the typical vaccine only protects them from certain strains of the virus. So, he had obviously caught some other dog’s kennel cough while we were away.

Herbal Remedy That Works!

The next time we had him scheduled to go to the kennel for another week-end trip, My vet recommended an herbal medication called Doggie Herb to help boost his immune system. It came in powder form and I gave him a dose with his food once per day for two weeks prior to the week-end we had booked for him. Well this time, he came out of the kennel as healthy as ever, even though it was the Christmas season and the boarding house was fully booked with dogs. I was extremely impressed!

Preventative Not Cure

The thing is that herbal remedies for dogs are typically used as a preventative measure rather than a cure for an already existing illness. Although these medications can be used to help heal an illness that’s already present, relief may not be as quick as with conventional medicine that you would get from the vet.

So, it’s a good idea to investigate how you might best boost your pet’s immune system for the long term. Not only to prevent illness if they are going to a boarding home but for their overall long-term health. I personally take vitamins every day to keep myself healthy and prevent myself from getting colds or flu in the short term but also to prevent things like osteoporosis later in life. Consider doing the same for your beloved dog.

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