What Are The Nutritional Requirements For A Dog

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Just like humans, dogs have nutritional needs that need to be met too. Most of the time, it seems like most dog lovers spoil their beloved pets by giving them too much food or the wrong kinds of food. For example, I’m sure everyone has seen someone at one time or another give their dog leftover table food. Most dog owners consider this to be a special treat for their dog. However, when it is done too much, it can lead to obesity just like it does when humans eat too much food. Nutrition for dogs is something that all dog owners need to pay attention to because their dogs will actually live longer and healthier lives when they are taken care of in the right manner.


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Protein, Fat, Carbs

The first nutrition for dogs lesson is finding the right dog food. There are certain nutrients that every dog needs, and these are protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The best kind of dog food is a dry kibble. The reason for this is because it promotes healthy teeth and gums and is easily digested. So, when you go searching for dog food you need to pay attention to the ingredients on the back of the package. Find one that contains around 25% protein and around 13% fat.


Most dry dog foods have some type of grain in them which will account for the carbohydrates, but keep in mind that it is best to find a dog food that is built around meat. A good indicator of this is if the meat is the first ingredient listed instead of a grain. Of course, the fewer grains, the better. If there are grains it should be healthy whole grains like oats and quinoa, never corn or wheat. Grain -Free is Best!

Labels And Treats

When you feed your dog, feed him or her according to the chart on the back of the package or as your vet has instructed you. Do not leave an abundant supply of dog food out all the time and be sure to keep treats to a minimum. While your dog surely loves treats, she won’t be happy suffering from health problems due to obesity later on.


Another important lesson in regards to nutrition for dogs is that they are always able to get to the water. Just like humans, dogs can get dehydrated therefore it’s necessary that you make sure their water bowl always has water in it. It is also important that you give your dog the opportunity to get the exercise she needs! Nutrition for dogs is a very important issue and it is up to you to make sure your dog stays healthy, and following the advice above will help you do just that.