Strong German Shepherd Names

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Cool, calm, collected are the first words that come to mind when I think of German Shepherds. This particular breed of pups is known for being intelligent and useful in several ways and is a popular breed recognized for its loyalty. But, just how well do we know this particular breed?

Strong German Shepherd Names

The following Strong German Shepperd Names have roots in history, some going back hundreds of years!


  • Ace – Unisex – This dog will always be No 1, but don’t play cards with them!
  • Achilles – Male – This dog is a real hero, but keep an eye on his paws.
  • Ada – Short Form Of Adelaide. Popular German Girl Name Means “Kind”.
  • Adelheid – This Female Name has Two Elements: Adal “Noble” And Heid “Kind, Sort, Type”. English Version Of This Name Is Adelaide.
  • Agathagerman – Dog
  • Aiko – (ai) meaning “love, affection” and (ko) meaning “child”
  • Akira – Female – Means intelligent, so this dog will take YOU for a walk and let you know what needs doing around the house.
  • Albrecht – Male Name Means “Bright Nobility”. English Equivalent Is Albert.
  • Aleit – A Short Form Of Adelheid.
  • Alfons – Popular Male Name Means Either “Noble And Ready” Or “Battle Ready”.
  • Alice – This German Female Name Mean “Nobility”.
  • Alina – Female – Means noble. This dog will bring grace and elegance to your life.
  • Alpha – Unisex – For the first dog in your house, he or she will always rule the roost. Excellent name for the German Shepherd dog.
  • Amalie – Female Name Means “Work”. Excellent Name For A Good Dog.
  • Anika – Female – Means beautiful and graceful – this dog is sheer poetry in motion!
  • Anka – Diminutive of ANNA.
  • Arlo – Hill
  • Arnold – From a German name meaning “eagle power”.
  • Astra – Female – Star-like – this dog likes to look at the night sky and put her paws in wet concrete!
  • Astrid – the modern form of ÁSTRÍÐR.
  • Axel – Source Of Life


  • Baron – Nobleman
  • Baxter – From an occupational surname which meant “(female) baker” in Old English.
  • Beethoven – Beeth means ‘beetroot’ and Hoven is the plural of ‘Hof’, meaning ‘farm’. Beethoven is, therefore ‘beetroot farms’.
  • Benito/a – Male or Female – Means blessed – this dog will be a blessing to any home.
  • Bern Or Bernard – Nice Male Dog Name Meaning “Brave Bear”. Your Dog Will Be Proud To Carry Such Name.
  • Bianka – German, Hungarian and Polish form of BIANCA.
  • Blaine – Male – Means thin or lean, this fit dog will keep his shape, and keep you in shape too!
  • Blaze – Unisex – Brilliant fiery and bursting with energy this dog will keep you all fired up!
  • Boris – From the Turkic name Bogoris, perhaps meaning “short” or “wolf” or “snow leopard”.
  • Brandy – Female – This dog will keep you warm and happy late at night.
  • Brewster – One Who Brews Beer
  • Bullet – Unisex – Wow, this dog’s fast!


  • Chaos – Unisex – This dog will bring disorder and confusion – life will definitely be different with this one around!
  • Chief – Male – This dog will want to rule the roost, so you better be prepared to toe the line…
  • Claudia – Feminine form of CLAUDIUS. It is mentioned briefly in the New Testament.
  • Claus – Popular German Male Name. Dog With Such Name Will Very Popular In Christmas Season.
  • Czar – Male – This guy will definitely expect to be waited on hand and foot, or he’ll start revolting. This is one of the best German Shepherd dog names.
Stars & Stripes Bandana


  • Daytona – Unisex – This dog will race anything down the main drag, so be sure to keep the gate closed!
  • Dagmar – From the Old Norse name Dagmær, derived from the elements dagr “day” and mær “maid”.
  • Dino – Short form of names ending in dino or tino.


  • Egon – Male Name Means “Edge Of A Sword”. Be Careful With This Puppy – It Can Bite.
  • Einstein – habitational name from any of various places named with a Middle High German derivative of einsteinen ‘to enclose or surround with stone’
  • Elsa – A Form Of Elizabeth
  • Erna And Ernest – Are Female And Male Names Meaning “Seriousness”. Good For Serious Dogs Only.
  • Etzel – Noble


  • Fabian – derived from FABIUS
  • Felix – meaning “lucky, successful”
  • Flame – Female – This girl will be hot to trot, so watch out for canine admirers.
  • Frankie – Pet Form Of Frank Which Is Popular Germanmale Name.
  • Fred – Short Of Frederick. Another German Name Meaning “Peaceful Ruler”.
  • Freida – Peace, Joy
  • Fritz – The Most Popular Male German Name. Fritz Is A Pet Form Of Friedrich Or Frederick. The Meaning Is “Peaceful Ruler”.


  • Gebbert Or Gebhard – Male German Name Consist Of Two Elements: Geb “Gift” And Hard “Brave, Hardy”.
  • Genie – Diminutive of EUGENIA.
  • Gerda – Feminine form of GERD
  • Gertrude – Female Name Means “Spear Of Strength”.
  • Gunther –  Warrior/War
  • Gypsy – Female – Better keep this girl on a tight leash or she might go a-roaming…


  • Heidi – German diminutive of ADELHEID
  • Heilwig – Female German Name Consist Of Two Elements Heil “Safe” And Wig “War”.
  • Heinz –  Household Ruler
  • Helga – Feminine form of HELGE.
  • Helmut – Male Name Derived From The Germanic Elements Helm “Helmet” And Muot “Spirit, Mind”.
  • Henry – From The Germanic Name Heimerich Which Meant “Home Ruler”.
  • Hercules – Male – He was noted for his courage and strength, this dog will work hard and tirelessly for you. This name is ideal for your German Shepherd male dog.
  • Hilda – Female Name Means “Battle”.
  • Hunter – Male – This dog will be great for hunting and tracking.


  • Jade – Female – A mother’s most precious jewel, this dog will be worth everything to you.
  • Jedi – Unisex – This dog will be intelligent, wise and always stand on the side of right against the bad guys.
  • Jezebel – Female – This lady is a hottie and will need keeping an eye on at night!
  • Juno – Female – The Goddess of light and childbirth, this dog will love kids and brighten up all the family.



  • Kane – Male – Radiant bright intelligence – wow, this dog will be smarter than Einstein!
  • Khan – Male – An Indian ruler, this dog will want to be in charge, so buy a strong leash!
  • King – Male – This dog will want his own territory, plus a servant or two, at least.
  • Kunibert – Male German Name Means “Brave And Bright”. Any Dog Would Be Happy To Have Such Name.
  • Kuno – Bright German Male Dog Name Meaning “Brave”.


  • Loki – Male – The Norse God of mischief, this dog will keep you on your toes.
  • Ludwig – Boy Name Means “Famous Warrior”.


  • Mädchen – Means “Girl” In German.
  • Marvin – Male – Means famous friend, this dog really will be your best friend.
  • Milo – From The Name Miles
  • Mozart – Transferred use of the German surname Mozart, most likely in honor of the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


  • Nardo: – From The Name Bernard
  • Nevada – Female – Actually means snow in Latin, but it’s a pretty name for a female German Shepherd.
  • Nina – little girl
  • Norbert – Male Name Derived From The Germanic Elements Nord “North” And Beraht “Bright”.
  • Nova – Female – This star will burst into action when necessary.


  • Odin – Male – The Norse King of the Gods. This dog will be noble and wise, and expect to be very well looked after.
  • Olga – Russian form of HELGA
  • Otto – Wealthy
  • Outlaw – Male – This rebel will always have one paw on the wrong side of the law.


  • Porsche – Offering


  • Ranger – Male – This dog will patrol your garden and make sure the neighborhood is safe and sound. Good choice for a boy German Shepherd puppy.
  • Reggie – Advisor To The King
  • Rex – means king. It has been used as a given name since the 19th century.
  • Richard – Boy Name Means “Brave Power”. Consist Of Two Germanic Elements Ric “Power” And Hard “Brave”.
  • Rio – Female – Means river, this dog will run fast and flowing smooth.
  • Rita – Short form of MARGHERITA and other names ending in rita.
  • Rocco – Rest
  • Rose – Not Only A Flower, But Also An Old German Word Meaning “Fame”.
  • Rudi Or Rudy –  Famous Wolf/Rudolph
  • Rudolph – German Male Name Means “Famous Wolf”.


  • Schnitzel – German meat
  • Sentry – Male – This dog likes to guard the house, and may not even let you in!
  • Shadow – Unisex – This dog will follow you everywhere!
  • Shandy – Female – A mixture of beer and lemonade, this sweet and sour cocktail will charm you to bits.
  • Sherry – Female – This sweet lady might make you a little intoxicated.
  • Siegbert – Male Name Means “Bright Victory”.
  • Sigmund – victory, protector
  • Sophie – form of SOPHIA
  • Spirit – Unisex – This dog will be the life and soul of any household. Remember the popular cartoon called ‘Spirit’? Now you can have your own Spirit at home, only this time it will be a beautiful German Shepherd puppy.
  • Stanley –  Rocky Meadow


  • Tahiti – Female – This girl likes to bask in the sun and swim in the sea.
  • Tanner –  Leather Worker
  • Tillie –  Might, Power
  • Timber – Unisex – This dog loves the woods, but watch out they don’t get mistaken for a wolf.
  • Troy – Male – This dog likes to watch movies, and loves horses.
  • Truman –  Faithful Man


  • Ursula – little bear


  • Waldo –  Strong
  • Walter – Male German Name Means “Ruler Of The Army”. The Short Version Of This Name Is Walt.
  • Wanda –  Slender Tree
  • Whisper – Unisex – This dog is as quiet as a mouse, which should please the neighbours.
  • Whiskey – means water
  • Wilma – Protector
  • Wilson – Son Of William
  • Wolfgang – means wolf


  • Zack – Short form of ZACHARY.
  • Zelda – Warrior
  • Zen – Male – Means “He Thinks” – this dog will bring calm and peace to your house. Any German Shepherd dog will enjoy such name.
  • Zuckert – sugar mountain

Strong German Shepherd Names

German Shepherds

What is it that makes the German Shepherds such a special breed of dogs? And, what can I as a previous owner of one so aptly named Apollo (who sadly passed away of old age) say to persuade you into owning one yourself? Well, for one there are numerous reasons on why you should look at German Shepherds if you’re looking for an awesome family dog!

How can you identify a German Shepherd?

The German Shepherds are primarily recognized from K-9 police units and television shows. It’s how I describe them, and it’s fitting since they’re not only medium-to-large dogs they’re also an inquisitive and astute breed apt for learning all their required police techniques. Surprisingly enough, the breed is actually not that old with their origins dating to around the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

Traits of the Breed

The color schemes of the German Shepherds (or GSD) are the common black and tan, red and black, along with some rarer ones being white and tan. They can reach a height of 22 to 26 inches in height and can weigh anywhere from 49 to 88 pounds. Additionally, there are both shorthair and a much rarer longhair version of the pups.

A German Shepherd puppy will take three years to fully mature and stop growing. However, they can be considered adults by the age of two. But, if you want to take a deeper look at their kind you’ll have to recognize their features as well:

  • Square-cut muzzles
  • Domed foreheads
  • Medium sized brown eyes that have the cutest inquisitive look in their eyes
  • Large ears that pull back when they run
  • Long necks and bushy tails
  • Dense two-layer coat
  • A saddle looking black mark on their backs

Still, what are you supposed to do with all this information, you want to know what makes this dog special, especially if you’re going to justify your adoption to your significant other! As such, let’s cover the important questions for the family who wants to bring in an awesome German Shepherd into their midst.

Are there any variations in sizes or kinds?

Interestingly enough, what denotes the type of German Shepherd you own is their coat. As I mentioned before, Apollo was an all-white German Shepherd and I didn’t notice any difference in size when compared to a regular one. But, if you’d like to know what their types are here is a list:

  • Sable
  • Black and tan saddle
  • Bi-color
  • Solid white
  • Solid black

Do German Shepherds Ever Have Blue Eyes?

I’ve never seen it, but I have read in the past that due to some genetic variation, a few adult German Shepherds can actually have blue eyes.  It’s also important to note that some mixed GSDs might have blue eyes although since it’s a recessive trait it’s rather unlikely. A variation of the breed known as Blue German Shepherds does exist though.

Strong German Shepherd NamesAre German Shepherds Hypoallergenic?

Sadly, no German Shepherds are similar to most dogs in this particular regard (which are not hypoallergenic); therefore they are not good for kids or adults with allergies to dog dander. It’s important to remember that people might not be allergic to all dogs, and it might require some trial and error.

Furthermore, keep in mind that some people can develop a resistance to animal allergies and I personally have dealt with a runny nose and eyes whenever I’m not exposed to animals for extended periods of time.

Are German Shepherds Good With Children?

Actually, yes; they’re amazing dogs for children and families. The GSD is a great breed due to their self-assuredness and energy levels. Their inquisitive nature makes them excellent protectors and they can actually become overprotective of their pack (family) if they aren’t socialized adequately with strangers as it’s not in their nature to befriend new people.

I had Apollo when I was a teenager and I still remember how fun he was to walk around within the neighborhood. He was never a troublesome pup, and while he was a handful at times, he never bit or did anything even to my friends when they first met him. However, keep in mind they have a powerful bite and if not trained properly can potentially cause some serious damage even to other animals.

Are German Shepherds Good With Cats?

Can I have both a cat and a German Shepherd? There are numerous factors that go into play for this question. When I adopted Apollo, we had Are German Shepherds Good With Catsa cat in the house who didn’t like him, but he didn’t mind the cat. It’s all a matter of how you raise them as with most animals they can become territorial if they encounter a new animal. Both cats and dogs will not get along if they didn’t grow up together, or if one of them arrived as a baby.

What this means is that a German Shepherd can actually get along with a cat as long as he was raised around them or vice versa (I also owned a cat who did not mind dogs in the least). Another potential scenario is that the cat is brought in as a kitten and the GSD is allowed to play with him under close supervision. This will ensure that the very energetic pup does not endanger the much smaller kitten. By allowing both of them to get to know each other, they’ll eventually pick up on cues and social structure which will be instinctively followed by the pets.

Do keep in mind though; German Shepherds are aggressive animals especially towards animals of the same sex. They also love chasing prey and can show predatory behaviors to smaller animals that are keener to run than fight (such as cats).

Are German Shepherds Good With Golden Retriever?

The recommended answer for this is the same as before, socialize your pet well. Some experts recommend either raising them together from infancy or training your first dog well and then bringing in another pet into the house to join them from an early age. However, as I mentioned earlier, German Shepherds can be aggressive towards other animals especially if they’re the same gender.

Will German Shepherd Attack Its Owner?

This is difficult to answer as, I never had a problem with Apollo, but he was pretty even-tempered and also received lots of attention. You see, German Shepherds by nature love attention and fun, and if not properly socialized and cared for they can become aggressive (I can’t stress this enough). It’s important that if you’re bringing a German Shepherd into the household you play with them on a regular basis and help them burn through their energy.

Do keep in mind that sometimes they might bite and become destructive as a means of gaining attention (similar to small children). But, attention isn’t the only thing they need as they are also keen on learning new tricks (Apollo even learned how to open fences by himself) and mental stimulation is a big factor in raising one and preventing their destructive aspects from coming through.

Is There Such A Thing As German Shepherd With Dwarfism?

Yes, there is a miniature German Shepherd, however, this is not a good thing. Whenever someone breeds and advertises a Mini German Shepherd what they’re doing is breeding dogs with dwarfism in the family. But, while they might look cute with their short and stubby legs, they might actually come with a bevy of other problems down the line.

See, pituitary dwarfism is the same in dogs as it is with people, a genetic disorder that will affect the production of their growth hormones. As a side note, it’s important to remain aware that dwarfism is more common among purebreds.

What Should A German Shepherd Eat?

German Shepherds require high-quality food. It’s also important to feed them their age-specific food group as this will fulfill all their nutritional needs. I know most people love feeding their pups with table scraps, but trust me they don’t really need it.

But, if you want to still spoil your darling little puppy, here are a few good, but not necessarily important tips. Dog biscuits can be used as rewards during training, yogurts and certain veggies can also be given to them without much harm as long as you verify that it’s not specifically dangerous to the animal. Still, even if you feed him properly that won’t stop them from eating their droppings…

Why Does My German Shepherd Eat Poop?

German Shepherds like most dogs will eat their own poop. This is actually an instinctive behavior that is hard to change and there are actually numerous reasons why they do it. For example:

  1. Some dog behaviorists theorize that it’s actually a mimicked behavior from their infancy as they saw their mom cleaning them up by eating it.
  2. Other people claim the dogs eat it out of boredom.
  3. Coprophagia which is caused by medical issues.
  4. A few people suspect it’s because the dog can smell their last meal in the droppings.
  5. They might find the poop tasty?
  6. Dietary deficiencies.

My point is nobody is really 100% certain why German Shepherds or dogs, in general, eat their own poop. But, it can be fixed with proper training. If you don’t like to see your dog eat his poop and give you kisses then be prepared to spend some time teaching him out of this habit. But, just keep in mind that it’s perfectly normal dog behavior and your dog is not going crazy.

Anything else I should know?

German Shepherds are awesome dogs, I can’t stress this enough. They’re one of my favorite breeds of dogs and I can personally attest to how amazing they are. From their good temperaments to their self-assured nature to even the way they sit cross-legged is pretty impressive for a dog. I am a huge fan of this breed if you couldn’t already tell.

Just be prepared to make some important changes in your relaxation schedule to accommodate for their energy levels and mental stimulation requirements. It doesn’t matter what color you prefer GSDs are pretty level across the board and all that matters is the color of their fur. Just make sure that you properly socialize, train, and dedicate time to your furry friend so that one day you find yourself with a lifelong companion and protector.