Vet Recommended Dog Food

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What is your Vets Vet Recommended Dog Food?

One of the first questions, when a new animal is brought into the household, is, “What is the best dog food for my new family member?”. There is nutrition, bone development, and age to think of. The shelves are lined with canned, dried, and raw varieties of dog food. Every one of them claims to be the one brand to promote high dexterity, know how to “make your dog act like a puppy again” and to promote all life stages of the animal. How does one know what to buy and feel good about to feed their growing canine?

Every dog is different in size, breed, and age. Every dog food is different in nutrients, mixture, and cost. Obviously large, adult dogs should not eat puppy chow and puppies should not try to eat large, chunky adult food. A puppy (under 6-8 months) needs food that will help them grow, thrive and basically be a puppy. An adult canine needs nourishment that will help sustain and keep them active. Adding years to a pets life is usually what every pet owner strives for. Enjoying time with a pet and having a lifelong companion should be the goal.

A veterinarian would have the best information on what is the best dog food for a developing animal. A physical is usually recommended when adding any new individual to the family. Height, weight, shots, and age are all updated even if the animal comes with papers. The doctor can give advice on the specific breed of dog, what vitamins it needs and give suggestions on how to feed the animal. It could be as simple as finding out what the canine likes and doesn’t like.

I had a lengthy conversation with my Vet about her Vet Recommended Dog Food? She told me Taste of The Wild Grain-Free Premium High Protein Dry Dog is what she feeds her dogs! She prefers it over the so-called top-shelf brands only available from her office! To me, that speaks volumes, so I began feeding it to my dog. His coat has never looked better and he acts so much younger now, active again!

A dog is a living thing and has an opinion. Sometimes the best answer to what is the best dog food is to try and try again. Pick three different kinds after comparing and evaluating the choices. For about a week have the animal try the brand of food but watch closely for any side effects that are harmful. For example, an upset stomach, tiredness, and lack of interest are all signs that something is not right. Also, dry skin, irritability, and restlessness are signs to watch for and could be tied to the type of food. Try another variety and keep track of the results.

What Is The Best Dog Food – The Conclusion

Cost is a factor in any type of economy unless spending more money on dog food than on human groceries is suitable for the budget. If the answer to what is the best dog food is the most expensive and popular brand on the market then there really is no question. If that is not the answer, evaluate the budget and what is affordable before comparing and experimenting with the dog’s appetite. Man’s best friend can only be enjoyed after figuring out what is the best dog food for them so that everyone can enjoy each other’s company for a very long time.