Disabled Dachshund

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Greetings everyone. I am new to this so please excuse my mistakes. I am so sad because my 5-year-old male dachshund, Randolph recently lost the use of his back legs due to some pinched or possible herniated disk in his back.

He is always the determined dachsie and had been on prednisone therapy for 5 days. He doesn’t seem to want to eat or sleep much. He drinks and weewees okay. I keep a fresh supply of new pads and baby wipes to make sure he is not laying in wetness or any possibility or infections. He loves to get in the shower with me and let the warm water rain on his back while I shower. Then I give him a good towel rubbing lightly and snuggle him in warm blankies. The confinement is murder. I have acquired a carrier and a baby stroller to get him around without allowing him to drag his back legs.

I am just wondering what are my options? I know there are many holistic products out there. I can’t see my baby being disabled without the ability to play like he wants to. His big thing is to lie on the patio and soak up some morning sun. Now he has to wait for me to make a padded area on the bed so he can get a few rays of sunshine.

This all came about so suddenly. We went from just a few weeks ago of just slow movement to toe dragging to complete shutdown in a matter of a few weeks. I know he has had those moments of trying to fly from one part of the house to the other. I work seven days a week and he is crated in a very large kennel for the most part of the day, so no possible way to injure himself unless he twisted the wrong way. When he was able we did walk early mornings before work and evenings after I got home.

I cannot afford the surgery or the MRI that is needed to pursue any further investigation. I am at the mercy of the pocketbook and my means. I was in a disabled state and wheelchair-bound for several years before I had both hips replaced. This little guy and his daddy, Pluto, were there for me every step of the way. I cannot turn my back on him or even the unspeakable, put down.

So help me please any advice will be gladly taken. thank you for having this wonderful website and kudos to all the dachsies who have mommies and daddies that love them so much.