Flea Problems

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Hey everyone!

We have fleas soo bad this spring! This is much worse than in the past- the boys are picking up fleas and bringing them in every time we go out, and now our cat, who is strictly inside, has them as well. I’ve been giving them baths and washing their bedding in hot water but it’s not going well. I’m thinking of getting some Advantage since we’ve tried frontline with no luck and I’m afraid of the new one- promeris. Douglas is developing flea dermatitis and starting to lose his fur. I feel so sorry for him. Duncan is irritated but not losing any fur, I guess he’s not as sensitive. I just hope that Douglas gets back to normal when we get the fleas under control. And on top of all this, we’re going on a week-long road trip in a few weeks and the dogs are being boarded at the vet. Then when we get back we’re moving to a new city- haven’t found a house yet, but hopefully, we can find somewhere weenie friendly! I just hope all the stress doesn’t make Douglas worse, I’m already concerned about his chubby little butt!

Any suggestions?