What Can A Landlord Deduct From A Security Deposit? My Pet & Toddler Story

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So. You remember this cat? (above)

Yes? Well, add one toddler and guess what?

The two of them have evidently teamed up to make sure that hubby and I never get our security deposit back on this apartment.

I have been spending the last few days desperately cleaning everything in sight, getting ready for the move. We got burned during our last move because I was 8 months pregnant and on hospital bed rest and unable to clean before we went. So this time, I’m determined to get that deposit back.

So the other day, our giant tabby keeps trying to hide in the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag inside the baby’s room. I’m sure you can see where this is going. The baby is napping, and the tabby tries to get in. By digging under the door and ripping up about a 4-inch square of carpet. And waking the baby in the process.

So I get the baby up and start trying to fix the carpet. It’s… ok. You kind of have to go looking for it to see it, and I’m thinking maybe, just maybe we can get by. And then, I left the room. And when I returned, the baby had ripped up all the carpet I just fixed, PLUS an extra 2-inches. For luck, I suppose.

And then this morning, I’m taking down drapes in the living room, standing on a heater and gripping a molding with one hand. The baby is quietly playing with my large stuffed lion below me. Or so I think. No sooner do I get a firm grip on the drapery rod than I hear the sound of glass breaking. It’s the baby; he’s found a fallen light globe, picked it up and slammed it down on top of his father’s free weights.

I leap across the room from the heater like Wonder Woman and manage to get the baby away from the pile of broken glass shards before he cuts himself. I get him into another (baby safe) room and shut him in there while I start to clean up the glass. I go into the other room with a handful of glass shards and guess what happens next? Go on, guess. I’ll wait.

Did you guess that the giant tabby came over and starting swatting glass around the room like pinballs? Well, you just won 50 points, because that’s exactly what happened!

So now we have a damaged carpet and a damaged light fixture. And probably some pieces of glass that I failed to find after Sir Eats-a-Lot knocked them all over the damn room.

I’m actually starting to feel grateful that the only contribution to this chaos my little cat added was a yakked up hairball on the hardwood. I mean, I did step in it, but at least it’s not going to cost me money after we go.