Murphy and His New Blue Buffalo Friend!!

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We were at a local pet event when this big Blue Buffalo started to walk towards us and a group of other doggies. Well, you can only imagine what happened next! It sounded like a howling, barking, screaming symphony! Even little Pops Girl got in on the screaming action! In addition, if some of these doggies were off leash no doubt that they would have made Mincemeat out of this Big Blue Buffalo! All but one did not want a piece of him and that one was our very own Knows No Stranger Murphy Boy! Murphy started wagging his tail and tugging on his leash wanting to go towards Mr. Blue Buffalo, he then planted himself right in front of his Furry Big Blue Feet and gave him that look like WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? PLEASE PICK ME UP! I WANT A HUG!!