How Much Do Veterinarians Make A Day / Week / Year

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What’s your guess – How much do Veterinarians make a day, week or year. A Veterinarians salary may not be as much as you think.

Before choosing it as their profession in the future, any person interested in the career would surely want to know what the standard veterinarian salary is.  For all those animal lovers out there, perhaps being a vet is the best option possible. They get to take care of and save the lives of animals every day and even get paid for it. But before classifying it as a dream job, let us form an idea about how much the veterinarian salary really is.

Veterinarian Salary


What is an Average Veterinarian Salary:

The vet salary without a doubt can be called adequate, or even in some cases quite high. The variation in the salary, of course, depends on the experience and nature of specialization of a veterinary surgeon or vet. Some amount of it also depends on whether the vet works from his/her own home, along with being associated with an organization.

A veterinarian surgeon who is in the middle stage of his career can expect to earn somewhere between the amounts of $60,000 and $70,000 every year. Now, that can be considered quite a good salary, going by an average person’s standards. Though most vets can expect to earn up to this amount not long after they start their career, one who is just starting out can earn a veterinarian salary that is as low as $55,000 each year. The reason for this is quite simple. Since these vets have just started treating animals, they are not usually entrusted with the difficult and more complicated job of treating big animals, as that is a responsibility only experienced vets are expected to carry out flawlessly. Thus, since they are doing the easier job, they get paid less money as well.

However, some of these veterinarian surgeons prefer to work only with larger animals and make this their specialty. The salary of a veterinarian who aspires to do this can range anywhere between the amounts $50,000 to $70,000 every year. In case however their specialty lies in dealing with or treating equines or horses, the salary is set at around $40,000 to $55,000. All these being said, those wanting to join this profession should not suffer from the misconception that the above-mentioned amounts are the maximum amounts of vet salary that they may be earning for their duties to the animal world. In fact, the reality differs quite a bit from this. A veterinarian who deals even with comparatively small animals can earn a whopping $90,000 each year if they gain some experience and are able to associate themselves with an institution or animal hospital. If the same conditions are applicable to a vet whose specialization lies in treating larger animals, the veterinarian salary can go up to the value of $95,000.

If they do not want to get associated with government hospitals or organizations, qualified veterinary surgeons have the option of joining various reputed private organizations, e.g. colleges, hospitals, clinics etc. These tend to pay more than others. In fact, the pay can range between $120,000 and $150,000. The cases are not rare when the vet salary or income even goes up to an impressive $200,000. However, only a veterinarian who has more than average educational qualification and a remarkable experience in the treating and diagnosing of animals can expect to earn this much veterinarian salary. This means that in order to earn something close to $200,000, one would not only have to very qualified and educated, but also a have some specialization in a particular area of treatment. This specialization can be anything ranging from health and nutrition of animals to pathology or surgery but it is helpful to know that being a general health or nutrition expert usually promises to be the highest paying among other specializations.

What is a Veterinary Technician and How Much is the Veterinary Technician Salary:

Till now, we have been discussing the salary for a veterinarian. But the profession of a veterinary technician is closely associated to that of the vet itself and so the veterinary technician salary should also be looked into while discussing this topic. So, before we step into that, what is the job of a veterinary technician?

The job of a technician is mainly to assist and help the veterinarian perform his duties to perfection.

  • A veterinary technician has to always take care of the minor details of how an animal is being induced with anesthesia and how a particular animal is reacting to the same. The job of cleaning and sanitizing the instruments to be used for these purposes is also the technicians.
  • The job of sanitizing equipment does not end with the anesthesia phase, but the same has to be done in case of surgeries as well.
  • When it comes to dentistry, it is a technician’s job to help the veterinarian with the surgeries, jobs like polishing, radiographs, and even ultrasonic cleaning.
  •  Communicating with the owners of the patient animals, taking the appointments of patients to see the head vet, preparing the invoices by collecting all information about the clients etc are also some of the duties that a veterinary technician is expected to perform.

Thus, as it can be seen from the previous explanation and description of a technician’s job, it is quite evident that in order to be a veterinary technician, one needs to be specially qualified and educated for the job. The average veterinary technician salary for a technician who has either joined work recently or has denied only a few years in the field is expected to be more or less $25,000. But once again, the world of medical sciences loves those who are experienced and thus assure superior performance, as they will be dealing with the health of live animals. Therefore, once a veterinary technician gains a considerable amount of experience his veterinary technician salary can soar up to, or even in some cases, more than $50,000. This is comparable to the veterinarian salary of a vet who is just starting out in his career.

So considering the veterinarian salary, the job of a vet can be very favorable for many who want to spend their lives making the lives of animals healthy and free from suffering. The same goes for the job of a veterinary technician as their salary is almost comparable to the salary of a veterinarian who has just started to work in this field. So it is safe to say, that a veterinarian salary should work as an additional encouragement to those who are interested in this profession.


Top paying States for this occupation:

State Employment (1) Employment per thousand jobs Location quotient (9) Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage (2)
Hawaii 280 0.45 0.92 $95.36 $198,340
District of Columbia 110 0.15 0.31 $60.15 $125,100
New Jersey 1,830 0.46 0.94 $60.03 $124,870
New York 3,190 0.35 0.71 $58.89 $122,500
Nevada 540 0.41 0.85 $58.25 $121,150


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