Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska

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New Home at the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska

I knew there was something special about the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska the minute I stepped in through the doors. A vibrant energy pulsed throughout the clean and bright room, as Gus, the Shelter Greeter, wagged his tail and sniffed my feet in a warm and friendly hello. It was the energy of love and affection, radiating from the shelter’s dedicated staff, enthusiastic volunteers, and cherished animals.

To Help Those in Need

The Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska was founded in 1996 by a group of dedicated volunteers, with the mission to create a community of resources and solutions through committed care of animals, education of pet ownership, and providing a home for the hopeless. They aimed to establish a network of people supportive in the human care, education, and support of animals in need.

The shelter began in response to the issue of an abundant number of unwanted dogs and cats in the five-county area of Northeast Nebraska. Because of the rural landscape of the area, many animals were turned free near farms, forcing those living in the countryside to take the animals to shelters far away or to euthanize and kill the animals themselves.

In response to this urgent need, the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska began the foster and adoption program to provide homes for the neglected animals. As of March 2016, the shelter houses about 60 dogs and cats every month. The shelter also averages around 34 adoptions per month, thanks to the gracious and growing community.

A Staff Like No Other

One of the features that make the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska stand out from others is its base of dedicated, professional, and hardworking staff. From the Shelter Manager to the Operations Supervisor to the floor employees, each staff member has years of experience caring for animals – from cats and dogs to turtles and birds.

The staff at the animal shelter are extremely passionate about the organization and the animals they care for, as evidenced by the abundance of positive testimonials from happy and satisfied animal-adopters. Cited as friendly, helpful, and positive, the staff at the shelter work hard to pair people with their perfect new companions. I was wholly impressed by their tremendous efforts in providing quality care to pets in need of a good home!

A Community That Cares

“Mail” was abandoned in the mailbox of the animal shelter for the staff to find one morning. He was left in a ventilated top carrier which allowed all the rain from the thunderstorm the night before to completely drench him and keep him shivering the entire night. He was missing the tips of his ears, most likely due to frostbite, and three toes on his left front paw.

Figure 2: Lora, Operations Supervisor

When Mail was discarded to the elements and left for the kind staff of the animal shelter to find, he was weak, cold, and frail. However, with the help of the local and online community, the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska was able to raise $40 in donations to treat Mail and keep him at the shelter amidst the lack of space, loved until the right person found room in their heart for him.

The community of generosity around the animal shelter extends to all the animals brought in. Belluh was an 8-year-old yellow lab/border collie mix when she was unexpectedly given up at the animal shelter one day. She had never been around children, barked at visitors, and jumped on people who got too close. Thankfully, within one day of arrival, Belluh was adopted by a new family, giving her a secure, loving, and happy home.

Fun Events for the Whole Family

Another distinguishing feature of the Animal Shelter of Northeastern Nebraska is its plethora of hosted events for members of the community to interact with and meet the animals. Several summer events to meet adoptable animals include a Meet & Greet at the Off-Road Speedway, a fundraising outdoor event with free food and drinks and a raffle, and a Bark-B-Q mixer complete with pulled pork, hot dogs, and cute pets!

All proceeds of these events go straight to care for the abandoned, neglected, forgotten, and homeless animals of the community. Every animal at the shelter is microchipped, spayed/neutered, and fully vaccinated, and the staff works hard to identify and figure out missing information about the pets. Families bring home new members with the assurance of knowing their pets are healthy and properly cared for!

A Happy Home

The pets at the Animal Shelter of Northeastern Nebraska have it lucky. They are surrounded by a loving and dedicated staff to treat their every need, a supportive and generous community, and the sweet spirits of the other animals. The experience at the shelter, for both the animals and adoptees, is made extremely delightful by the bright and clean space, friendly and helpful volunteers, and inviting atmosphere!

Hundreds of animals are adopted each year from the Animal Shelter of Northeastern Nebraska, allowing for these needy animals to find happy homes to live in for the rest of their lives. Through the graciousness, dedication, and compassion of the people working for and supporting the animal shelter, abandoned and neglected pets finally receive the love and care they deserve.