Dogs once on death row get a second chance

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Dogs once on death row are now getting a second chance at life thanks to the people in the Quad Cities. King’s Harvest animal shelter in Davenport, IA. reached out to their Facebook page last week, after they heard about a shelter in Arkansas that was falling apart and the dogs inside we’re going to be euthanized if they couldn’t find another place to put them!

All 10 dogs have been saved!

Photo Credit: Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter


This is an actual county shelter in the South. Rural southern shelters are completely different than the ones in our local area. Sadly, there is no heat, no insulation, and currently there are seven dogs living in these conditions.

People stop by once a day to feed and water but that’s it. Because they have little resources and money they have no one to come on Thanksgiving so they will euthanize the seven dogs on Wednesday. Unfortunately that is their solution to the problem of not having someone to care for them on Thanksgiving. ?

We are hoping to bring these dogs to our shelter, Kings Harvest, so they are not put down. Connie from Save Our Strays has agreed to transport them from Arkansas but we must have open kennels to put them in!

We are urging everyone that is thinking about getting a dog to come check out our dogs and ADOPT on Monday and Tuesday to help us make this possible. If you could share our posts with your friends and ask them to share with their friends I think we could probably save these sweet dogs. Thank you everyone for all your help. ?

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