Fighting For Freedom – A Rescued Rottweiler Story

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A Rescued Rottweiler Story

Across the country, there are countless cases of unwanted, neglected, and abused dogs. They didn’t ask for this life; it was forced upon them. Many die from neglect. Many are picked up by local animal control shelters and euthanized before ever given a chance at a good life. A few lucky ones are rescued. This is the story of FREEDOM, one of the lucky ones.


No one will ever know the exact circumstances that brought this one dog into the world. All that is known is that he ended up in a high-kill shelter in Houston, TX. This dog was a mess. He was emaciated and every bone in his body could be clearly seen. He had mange, too, which caused him to lose hair on several areas of his body. He couldn’t walk properly – a result of severe malnutrition in the earliest stages of his life.

Regardless of the neglect, he suffered in his young life, this dog still showed great affection towards people. Joann, a volunteer with Southern States Rottweiler Rescue, recognized his strong will to survive. There was something undeniable about this dog – something truly special. She pulled him from the shelter and got him into the rescue group. Because of his undying spirit, Joann named him Freedom.

When Freedom was rescued, he was only 9 months old and barely alive. He needed special care and plenty of attention to bring him back from the brink of death. Freedom needed the comfort and security of a foster home, where he would receive proper care and attention. Joann contacted Debra  with a Rottweiler Rescue and asked if she’d take Freedom in as a foster dog. Debra agreed, not knowing at the time just how special Freedom really was.


In order to get Freedom from Fort Worth, TX to Debra in New Orleans, LA, a rescue transport route was established. Volunteers from Texas and Louisiana offered to cover different parts of the trip that would deliver Freedom to his new foster home. Freedom’s trip began on August 7th of 2016 and ended on August 9th. One of the last volunteer transporters had this to say about Freedom:

I have only known Freedom for a couple of hours and I am already attached. He is so wonderful – the poster dog for Rottweiler rescue! He seems genuinely grateful for all the attention he is getting like he actually knows what is going on. He is going to make someone a great pet one day. I will miss him so much.

Debra received Freedom with open arms, shocked at his condition. Hearing that Freedom was really thin was one thing, but seeing his emaciated condition was something else. She learned that Freedom had won the hearts of each and every volunteer transporter along his trip. And Debra knew, after looking into his big brown eyes, that Freedom was indeed something special.


Freedom had finally made it to his foster home and was settling down to a life full of love and affection. Not long after Debra took him in, Freedom began to show signs of severe pain in his hip region. She found out from her veterinarian that Freedom’s hips were deformed from the severe malnutrition he suffered early in life. The news was devastating. Without a very expensive surgical procedure, Freedom would be doomed to live out the rest of his life in pain.

Debra was not going to give up. She had made a commitment to this special dog, and she was determined to find a way to help him. This left her wondering how she was going to afford the medical bills associated with the surgery and aftercare Freedom will need. Most of the cost of her rescue work comes out of her own pocket, and some expenses are just too much for her to bear without help from others. 


There are two things standing between Freedom and the rest of his life. One is his surgery and medications, which is estimated to cost between $3000 and $5000. Medications are (Rimady) and an injectable medication (Adequan).

Freedom has “Hip Dysplasia” and the surgical procedure Freedom needs is, “TPO”, triple pelvic osteotomy is a very complex and specialized surgery designed to reposition the acetabulum to better accept the ball of the femur to stabilize the joint. The surgery is performed by a board certified veterinary orthopedic surgeon. This surgery is designed to create a more normal joint that will be free of pain. The surgery cannot be performed until Freedom is fully grown, probably a year and a half to two years.

The other thing Freedom needs is a forever home. Once he is fully recovered from his surgery, Freedom will only go to someone very special and they would really need to prove their love for him, because Freedom needs someone to give him a loving, caring home and that will want Freedom to be a very big part of their family for the rest of his life. Freedom is such a special dog that he will need an equally special home. He absolutely adores people – especially children. He is housebroken. He gets along well with other dogs. He is the kind of dog that would give his life for his loving owners.

In the meantime, Freedom remains a loving member of Debra’s household. He will enjoy all the love and attention he deserves until a forever home is found for him.


Freedom hasn’t had his surgery yet. He has been on GycoFlex and MSM and is doing very well with the exception of when gets up from a rest he is very stiff and slow. He runs around and plays with the other dogs like nothing is wrong. We are trying to spare him the pain of the surgery and with God’s will and the help of the medication, he will continue to do better.

There is also good news. Freedom has found a home, right here with us. I love Freedom very much and can not let him go. Thanks for all your prayers and we ask that you continue to pray for Freedom.

You should see him now. Freedom is about 140 pounds. I am attaching photographs of what he looks like now, please share them with your readers.

Also, thank you Courtney for your generous donation and help getting Freedom to us!