Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions

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Everyone has times in their life when they need help. Whether it’s help with finding a meal, moving a car to the side of the road or opening a door; we all have that time in our life when we reach out to someone else for help. Sometimes we need help to the degree that the person who comes to our aid feels like our hero. This is because they’ve rescued us when we really needed it most! In today’s society, these hero’s seem to be becoming fewer and fewer. Have you ever realized that you could be the hero a pair of eyes needs to look up to when they need help and support no one else will give them?

Second Chance

Animal rescues work very hard at giving helpless animals a second chance. Many of the animals that wind up at rescues have been saved from kill shelters, surrendered or were caught running on the streets. Regardless of how they got there and what their background was, there is a common thread; confusion and lack of trust. Some animals come into these situations from long-term, loving homes. These animals are suddenly thrown into a completely new situation, torn away from what they’ve known and loved. Some animals have never felt a soft hand on them and have physical and emotional scars to show for it. Without the existence of the animal rescues, like Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions, these animals would either continue to suffer long-term, die a slow, lonely death or be euthanized. Volunteers at these rescues give their time and hearts, tirelessly, to help save each and every one of these animals and find them good homes. These volunteers also help these animals learn to trust and open thier hearts, so they are ready for a new loving home.


If there is going to be an improvement for any aspect of life, there must be education. Many people think that animal rescues, like Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions, just rescue animals and try to find them new homes. One of the invisible strengths of animals rescues is they work just as hard at educating their communities about spay and neutering, animal behavior, proper care and realistic responsibilities of animals ownership. Education about spaying and neutering is critical to minimizing the overpopulation of animals. Animal rescues often contribute to local media and community events to help educate the community and other services. By helping those in the communities, the animal rescues are slowly helping people to understand why neutering animals is so important. They help people understand the responsibility of animal ownership and how to properly care for animals. Behind every great rescue, there are great educators. And those educators are slowly working to minimize future problems as they continue to find loving homes for the animals currently in their care.

Win-Win Situation

Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions, like many other animal rescues, gives people a chance to add love to their home and hope for an animal that has had its world turned upside down.  By rescuing an animal, you’ve not only saved a life that will be grateful for the rest of it, but you’ve opened a spot in your heart. Animal rescues make a huge difference in these animals and humans lives because they work so hard to find the strong connections, making sure both sides feel the warmth and love they deserve. Then you look into their eyes, you will see their gratefulness because you’re the one that gave them hope and love!


Success Stories!

pet rescue



Dixie, a senior cat that is around 16 years old, can tell you that RTPS has given her a second chance. After her owner passed away, there would have been no hope for her if RTPA wasn’t there to help.



When I brought Kia (left) home seven months ago, she and her sister did NOT get along, and now they’re best friends!! Seeing them cuddle like this makes my heart so happy and I couldn’t help but share  ? Thank you Rescued Treasures for bringing us all together!



Highly Rated

Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions rating shows how dedicated they are! They’ve earned multiple five-star ratings because of the heart they put into every animal they try to save and every home they find. RTPA works hard to find the perfect home for their rescued animal. They take the time to make sure the family is vetted and that there is a connection for a long-term relationship. Adopting a cat or dog from RTPA will not only save a life of an animal but it will make room for them to help another.

Hidden Treasures

There are hidden treasures all around us. RTPS is one of those treasures and hidden treasures comes in four-legged, fur form. While there are all forms of love in this world, none is like the love given to you because you saved a life. You will be the hero of an animal who otherwise would have had an unknown future.