Can animal abusers adopt another pet?

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Well, South Carolina says first-time offenders will ban animal abusers from adopting pets for five years. Second-time offenders will be banned for life!  Way to go South Carolina. Maybe other states will follow suit.

Two new bills currently in committee are being considered to help protect animals from would-be abusers. Bruce Bryant (R), the bill’s author, told WLOS he is a pet owner and former sheriff who understands the need for laws to protect animals.

“Personally I can’t see anything that would be negative about it, because anybody that loves animals will want to do what’s right for the animals,”  Bryant told local ABC affiliate WLOS.



The bill comes on the heels of an Idaho science teacher who was acquitted in a nationally-prominent animal cruelty case after he allegedly fed a live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students.



Photo Credit Pixabay