PETA Doghouse Program

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Pictured above is GG, in North Carolina. Her only shelter—a plastic airline crate—hardly protected her.

Situation Overview

Daily temperature highs have consistently reached over 85°F this month. Since June 1, PETA’s Community Animal Project field team has encountered hundreds of dogs forced to live outside, chained or penned 24/7:

  • Many, like Love, had nothing but a plastic crate for shelter, which provided her with virtually no protection from the blazing heat or sudden downpours.
  • Willy was one of the dozens who had no shade from the beating sun.
  • Trinity and others were confined to small areas by heavy chains that limited their movement.
  • Many dogs lacked fresh water and showed signs of flea infestation and/or flystrike.

PETA Team Response

In our visits to various dogs since June 1, we have provided the following:

  • Twenty-four new, custom-built doghouses to offer some shelter, shade, and protection from extreme summer and winter weather
  • Lightweight tie-outs for better freedom of movement to replace more than 50 heavy metal chains
  • New collars for most dogs who received lightweight tie-outs
  • Two hundred toys to help give a little joy to dogs confined to otherwise barren places
  • Spay/neuter surgeries for 1,000 dogs and cats, many of whom were also treated for an infection, dehydration, or parasite infestation

Ongoing Need

Based on these figures, we estimate that we will need the following resources to address the needs of the “outdoor dogs” in our target areas between now and the end of summer (September 21, 2018):

Item Total Needed Estimated Cost
Doghouse 48+ $12,720+
Collar or Harness 168 $1,680
Lightweight tie-out 168 $2,268
Dose of tick and flea medication 300 $3,000
Dog toy 500 $2,000

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