What is the best GPS tracker for dogs? Tagg GPS Pet Tracker!

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We love our dog. The kids love her, we all love her. She makes it easy for us to love her (except when she goes through the trash… but she hardly ever does that)- she doesn’t go more than 3 feet away from us, she is amazingly patient with the kids, and compared to most of the other dogs in the neighborhood she hardly ever barks. She really only barks when there is a good reason – if someone she doesn’t know gets too close to one of our kids, or if someone is at the door. We would be absolutely devastated if Liberty ever got lost. And now? She won’t.


Tagg Pet Tracker

This is the Tagg Pet Tracker. It’s one of the coolest products I have purchased for review on Pet-Bandanas. The inventors of the Tagg have seriously thought of EVERYTHING. It’s a little device that you can hook onto the collar your pet already wears. We put it onto Liberty’s collar and after a single head shake, she paid no more attention to it.


tagg on dog


The basic idea isn’t that crazy to have been thought of. Attach a small GPS to your pet and be able to locate them when and if they get lost or run away. The accuracy is, in my opinion, pretty impressive. We, fortunately, haven’t had the need to actually track her because she was missing, but it has been fun playing with the tracker and seeing how accurate it is. Most of the time, it was more accurate than my iPhone location. In the picture below, Liberty and I were sitting on the couch in our house when I checked in. The blue dot 2 houses down is where my phone was reporting being (it was in my hand) and the pink paw is where Tagg had liberty… well… tagged! The Tagg tracker was more accurate than my iPhone phone tracker! Too bad I can’t attach a Tagg device to my iPhone for all of those times I’m misplacing it!



Ok so how does it work? It was incredibly easy to set up. I went online, filled out some information about Liberty and set her home tagg zone. In all, it took me about 15 minutes to register and set all of our preferences. I then also went and downloaded the free mobile app to make tracking Liberty even easier!

As many of you know, I tend to get a little long winded about products I really love. So I’ve highlighted each of the cool features I want to talk about. If you want the short version, just look for the list of features ;)

Email Notifications

When setting up my profile, I was able to give Tagg an email address to send me alerts. I had anticipated getting alerts if Liberty left her home tagg zone, but the alerts go much more in-depth than that. Without getting an obnoxious number of emails, I’ve been getting many more emails than I thought. Tagg sends an email if your pet leaves or re-enters their home tagg-zone, if the tracker is getting low on battery, if the tracker turns off, and when the tracker is fully charged. For all I know, there could be other notifications we haven’t gotten yet. Which, speaking of notifications, by downloading the mobile app, I get those same notifications as a pop-up notification on my phone – which would be insanely convenient in the event you actually lose your pet!




Activity Monitor and Journal

This isn’t *just* a GPS. The Tagg monitors my pet’s activity levels and provides a history so I can compare her activity. I was fairly certain I would be embarrassed by Liberty’s activity levels but was pleasantly surprised to see that she does get some good exercise each day. This would be extremely helpful if we suspected illness or something like that. Being able to look back and see when activity levels dropped could seriously help a vet. It could also help with weight management for pet owners that need to be conscious of that!



Turn On Tracking

In the event your pet gets lost, you can turn on tracking and Tagg will pinpoint your animal’s location every 30 seconds and email it to you. This would be fantastic for chasing down a dog on the move. Thankfully, we haven’t had the need to use this feature, but I can just imagine how wonderful it would be to know which way your pet was headed if they were to be missing.

Long Battery Life

The battery life on the Tagg Pet Tracker is pretty impressive, ours lasts about 5-6 days between charges. When it does need charging, it only takes about 2 hours to fully charge. With 3 kids I really don’t have the time to constantly remove, charge and replace Liberty’s Tagg, so it’s nice to know I can go a while without needing to do so. One of my favorite features is the notifications of battery life. I can totally, 100% see myself (and many others) forgetting to charge the Tagg and having the battery die and then it be totally useless in an emergency situation. The long battery life, paired with notifications to charge and a reminder to put the Tagg back on your pet takes all the forgetfulness out of the system and makes it so your pet constantly has an activity tracker.

Truly, the Tagg Pet Tracker is an amazing device. We are fortunate and have a dog that doesn’t run away, but I know so many dogs that will bolt the second you open the door. This device would be so handy for pet owners that have “normal” dogs ;) Even with our dog, I feel so much more secure knowing that she has it on and if something should happen I know we’d be able to find her. The one and only downfall I can find is that your pet has to be 10 lbs for the activity monitoring to work. When I first heard about Tagg, I wanted to use it on our outdoor cat to see how and where she spends her days. Unfortunately, at just 8.5 lbs she isn’t quite heavy enough. That said… A and I have been discussing giving it a try anyway. The fear is that the device would get lost, but we both eventually realized… we’ll be able to track it and find it again!!!


What pet do you have that you’d like to track with a Tagg Pet Tracker?