Best Vacuum For Pet Hair And Hardwood Floors

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If you have a dog that sheds, you’ve very likely been frustrated by the amount of vacuuming that needs to be done since bringing your pooch home. There’s no easy way around it unless you get a dog that doesn’t shed at all. You have to vacuum regularly – that is if the hair bothers you – and you have to brush your dog often. Different coats require different types of brushes. A thick coat does better with a long bristle brush or a looped rake but a short coat does better with short rubber bristles.

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair And Hardwood Floors

The easiest solution for a dog shedding problem is to purchase a vacuum cleaner for pet hair. The best vacuum for pet hair by far is the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Myself and everyone I know that owns one rave about them. They are a little pricey but for your peace of mind, they are worth the investment. You’ll find that your Dyson picks up pet hair better than any other vacuum you’ve ever tried and a lot of other stuff will come out of your carpet that you didn’t expect.

Anti-Shedding Supplements

You may have even considered a dog shedding inhibitor supplement to reduce the amount of hair that ends up in your carpets. I highly recommend against giving your pet these. Shedding is a natural part of being a dog. It occurs mainly with the seasons. When the weather begins to cool, your dog loses his lighter coat to make way for a thicker one to protect him from the elements. And, as the weather gets warmer, he loses his thick coat in favor of a lighter one so that he doesn’t overheat in the summertime. It’s a natural process and I recommend that you don’t mess with it, especially if you have a particularly furry that sheds a lot like a Sheppard or a Husky. These types of breeds shed clumps of hair but you’ll find that they get very lethargic if they can’t lose their coat in the spring to make way for the summer heat.

More Work But Cheaper

Aside from brushing your dog regularly, you’ll also find that if you feed him a high-quality food, he will shed less. Sometimes shedding is the result of a poor diet. There are also inexpensive tools that you can use to clean the fur from your carpets. I have a broom that has rubber bristles which help to draw the fur out from the carpet fibers. It’s a bit of work to use it though, more so that using a vacuum. If you’re trying to clean stairs, you can use a rubber glove to remove the fur. Simply put on a rubber glove and dampen it under the faucet and rub your gloved hand across the stairs. You’ll see that the fur easily lifts out of the carpet fibers.