Cat & Dog Urine Spray Deterrent – A Pee-Away Review

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Pee-Away is a wonderful formula that is used to keep pets from urinating repeatedly in the same spot or where they are not wanted to go. It works by removing the smell of urination. Pets, both dogs, and cats will continue to go where they smell a previous urination. The smell of where they have gone inside of the house can leave a horrible unwanted odor in your home as well. Having a bottle of this around when you begin puppy potty training is a must-have!

Cat & Dog Urine Spray Deterrent

PeeAway is a no-scrub enzymatic cleaner product that is made with bio-renewable and natural resources.  As soon as it is applied it immediately begins to work on the odor and puts down a protective shield to keep pets from urinating there in the future.


This formula was created to keep pets from going where not wanted and to also get rid of strong pet odors left from urination. Pee-Away immediately starts to eliminate urine odors on contact. Once applied, the area is left with a protective shield to stop pets from going in that place again. The formula is long lasting, and it is totally safe and quite effective for both indoors and outdoors.

PeeAway Pros

Pee-Away is safe for both you and your pets. It is also very effective in reducing urine odors. This leaves your home smelling nice and keeps the pets from sniffing out the same spot to go in. The formula is easy to use and uses ingredients that are safe for home, pets, and children. It can be used both indoors and outside just as effectively. It will stop the urine odors on contact.

This keeps dogs and cats from going again in the same spot by applying a protective shield to the area. The formula is inexpensive and there is no need to clean up afterward as Pee-Away is quick-drying. It is long lasting. Once applied, it will last up to four weeks.


The benefits of this formula are numerous. Pee-Away has many good qualities to it. It will neutralize odors from both dog and cat urine. This leaves one’s home smelling better and keeps the pet from urinating again in the same spot. The purchase price is inexpensive. It will also save you money on carpet cleaning and other expensive odor control products. Once the formula is applied to the area it will last for quite some time before it needs to be reapplied.

This product is safe to handle and is safe to use around pets, unlike many commercial products. You can safely apply it to carpets, rugs, clothing, blankets, upholstery, closets, and wooden floors, and basements, vinyl floors, outside decks, kennels, and basements. Best of all, it has been proven to be effective for both indoor and outdoor use. You will notice immediate results. It works like a protective shield that keeps the animals from reusing this spot for urination.

Customer Reviews

Reviews for this formula are very positive. One satisfied customer wrote

“I admit I was skeptical at first, but after trying many knock-off formulas without success I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. Pee-Away was applied to two separate areas in my home that I know were getting urinated on frequently. After just one application, I noticed that the smell had been significantly reduced and Buster (my dog) was no longer attracted to that area. It’s been over a month and no smell of urination. I guess this formula works and does what it says.”

Another happy user had this to say about it –

“Our stubborn dog would not stop peeing in the hallway and we were unsure why. We scolded our dog and took him to obedience training, but that didn’t help. I was recommended Pee-Away from someone else who used this formulation to help with the problem. Guess what? Simply put, it works! It didn’t leave any unpleasant smell. It did not discolor the treated area and appears to have nipped the problem. I continue to apply the Pee-Away formula every few months to prevent any surprises and am completely happy with the results. We now have an urination deterrent that actually works.”

These positive reviews are a fine example of how well this formula works at doing what it is supposed to.


This is a formula that really works well at doing what it says it will. It is made from ingredients that are safe for home, pets, and children. Once applied it will remove the odor left behind after pets have accidents. It will immediately begin to work. On top of that, it will place a shield over the treated area that keeps the dog or cat from returning to this spot to urinate. It is very easy to apply, and it should last for a very long time before one needs to reapply the formula.

It can be safely used on many surfaces in the home such as carpets, rugs, clothing, blankets, upholstery, closets, wooden floors, and basements, vinyl floors, outside decks, kennels, and baseboards. This formula is proven to be effective.