#petinsurancereview ~ PetPremium Pet Insurance Review

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Pet insurance is an important consideration for any pet owner.  Sooner or later, you are going to need to take your dog or cat to the vet if not for a routine check-up, then for a major health concern such as an illness or an injury.  Pet insurance for dogs costs about as much as a cup of coffee per day and really pays off over the long run.  You should consider getting pet insurance while your dog is young and healthy so that you can avoid any pre-existing condition exclusions, paying a higher premium or getting your application declined altogether.  As your pet ages, you will find this minor expense most helpful with the expenses at the vet’s office.

PetPremium Pet Insurance is a great choice if you’re looking for pet insurance for your dog or cat for that matter.  The premiums are very reasonable; you’ll pay around $10 a month (based on the insurance selections for a mixed dog of 1 year old, with an Accident-Only plan).  What you’ll find with PetPremium is that they will cover potential health problems so long as the condition hasn’t already presented itself at the time of application.

Also, unlike car insurance, With PetPremium, your pet will not be dropped from its insurance plan due to its age.  And, they cover ongoing conditions as well so that you needn’t worry that your insurance will be canceled if your pet develops a serious problem.  All of their plans come with Continuing Care, if your pet is eligible, to cover ongoing conditions. These are conditions that need care across multiple plan periods such as allergies, diabetes or cancer.

You can visit the PetPremium Pet Insurance website to learn more and get a free estimate on how much your premiums will be.  You’ll also discover the different plan options that are available as well as helpful explanations.  Also, you’ll find that their customer support is excellent.  The staff is very friendly and helpful.  Below is my personal testimonial and review about my experience with PetPremium.

I have my 3 labs insured with PetPremium, and unfortunately one of my labs had to have his tail amputated after a case of “happy tail” led to a terrible sore that would not heal after 5 weeks of bandages, antibiotics, etc… Lea and Carrie were absolutely awesome!!! My veterinarians were so impressed with the personal level of service I received from PetPremium that they now have PetPremiums’ information available for other pet owners in their lobby. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with my choice of PetPremium for my dogs’ insurance.

I’ve only submitted two claims to PetPremium so far, but each has been reviewed in well under two weeks (more like a couple days). Their customer service is great when I need to call, and of course when they e-mail. They seem to know what they’re doing and actually, care about your pets. It doesn’t feel like they’re trying to “cheat” you. It was made perfectly clear to me that any pre-existing problems documented in my pet’s record would not be covered, and that was understandable.  I love PetPremium.  I feel like I am getting my money’s worth and am confident that should a large claim situation arise, PetPremium will be there to help me.

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