Pro Exotics Temperature Gun Infrared Review

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  • Small,
  • Lightweight,
  • Accurate, Portable,
  • Comes With Keyring and Case


  • Small,
  • Not Instantaneous,
  • Not for Use Directly on/in Animals

What It Is

This unit is built in a small, sturdy ABS plastic case, that is very tough, and is about the size of a car alarm remote. It has a large LCD readout for its size and single button operation. (check price on Amazon)

This unit is excellent for determining hot or cold spots in your animals’ environment, whether they be dog, reptile, or fish. Using an infrared beam that is safe to use around pets, we were able to use it to measure hot spots in our lizard, snake and bird cages, as well as taking the water temperature of change water for our aquariums.

The unit does require that it be directed at the item or location to be tested for several seconds before the temperature can be measured accurately. Additionally, this unit is not designed or intended for use on animals themselves, and will not read their core temperatures accurately.

Our test unit came with a carrying case, battery, keychain adapter, and a brief user manual.

Our biggest problem with this unit is one of size. We don’t have it attached to a keyring and as such being so small the unit seems to “wander” around
the office, being hard to locate when needed.

Helpful Video