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Getting ready to bring home a new puppy takes a certain amount of planning. You need to decide on the type of dog you want, whether or not Wireless Pet Containment System Reviewyou’re going to crate train your pooch, research and select a high nutrition food, find a vet, purchase a collar and leash and get your home and property ready to have your new friend live with you. One of the considerations is where you will send your puppy when he needs to go out and do his business. If you have a fenced yard and plan to send him out there on his own that’s one thing but if you don’t have a fenced yard, you will need to install one (at a large expense) or consider installing a wireless pet fence.

Pet containment systems have become popular in the last few years because the trend in new homes is toward non-fenced yards. Installing a fence chain link or wooden slats may ruin the look or atmosphere of your neighborhood and it can be quite costly. So, rather than installing a fence, you can purchase an electronic one that can be installed in just a few hours and for a couple of hundred dollars. This way, your dog can go out in the back to do his business and get his exercise without you having to be there. And, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pooch isn’t running out into the road.

A short while ago while we were taking a drive in the country, we noticed a young dog walking along the side of a highway. There was a house off in the distance way back from the road so he didn’t appear to be a stray. I became very worried thinking about this dog being unattended. What if he decided the cross the road and got hit by a car? A wireless pet fence would have been just the thing for this dog owner.

If you are thinking about purchasing a wireless pet fence, you need to know that it’s not simply a matter of installing it. Your system will come with a receiver collar that you need to put around your dog’s neck when he goes out. You will have to train your dog initially so that he knows and understands where the boundaries are.

The wireless pet fence works by sending a gentle electric shock to the collar so that your dog retreats. Like Pavlov’s dog, your pup will learn that anytime he goes near the boundaries, he will get a shock and will get to know his limits in a short period of time. The Petsafe Invisible Fence comes with complete instructions on how to train your pet for this new gadget. In addition, this device is transportable so that if you decide to take your pet to the cottage with you, you can set it up there so that he can enjoy the outdoors while you do your own thing.