So, What’s My Story?

Hi, my name is Courtney and I am the Founder of My passion for rescue developed as soon as I learned how many sweet and healthy dogs were euthanized in shelters around the nation due to overcrowding.

My favorite saying is “it takes a village,” because I know the value that can be found in other people who share the same ideals and want to make a difference.

I reside right here in Chandler, Arizona, which is where is operated from. You could say I am almost a native of Arizona having moved here from Michigan when I was just 4 years old. In 41 years I’ve seen many changes in this state. (A beautiful sunset captured this summer right in front of my house.)

I’m married to Curt & have 3 kids; 27, 21, & 15. In our own household, we now have 2 birds: A Blue Headed Conure and a Cockatiel. Three dogs: A Humane Society Dachshund we rescued a day before she was scheduled to be euthanized, a Basenji that was a customer’s dog we adopted 5+ years ago; & a Pit Bull/Lab? cross that my younger daughter brought home in Feb. 2015. One cat: a black shorthair with beautiful green eyes and a sweet disposition that we adopted from CHARM, a local cat rescue group. We also have been feeding & loving a sweet, but timid peach & white colored female cat that lives around the block. We might as well call her ours. 🙂 She also recently started bringing a tag-a-long sister (?) with her when she comes over. Same orange color, long hair & thin. She’s super lovable once she got over her initial shyness with us.

I have years of experience in pet care having had pets all of my life. Prior to starting this business, I have aided many friends throughout the years to care for their pets or homes.

I left the Licensed Practical Nursing profession in private duty nursing for mentally and/or physically challenged. Wanting to make a life change for the better. I chose to offer a much-needed service, pet sitting. I’ve never regretted making this decision 8+ years ago. And so the story goes… was born from wanting to share my love of pets.

Pet Bandanas